Britney’s Plans (I Met Britney Spears!)

So I walk into Subway today, and the place looked very slow. I went to go in line when I heard a very familar voice in front of me. It was Britney Spears & her new husband, Kevin Federline. I immediatly began crying hysterically. The woman I idolized was right in front of me! I tapped her shoulder and she turned around and giggled. She said, ‘Hi what’s up?,’ I couldn’t say anything right but I managed to say, ‘Britney you don’t know how inspiring you are. I truly admire you and I am dedicated fan.’ She repiled with, ‘Awww that’s very sweet of you to say that,’ and Kevin looked over and smiled. I asked for a hug and she gave me a huge bear huge, and I felt like fainting!

Her sandwich was being made so I had time to ask a few questions. First I started with a congrats about her marriage and then I began to question her. I wanted to know what she thought was the best song she ever recorded. She said, ‘I think my favorite song I ever recorded would have to be, ‘Me Against the Music,’ because was on it and she is a great lady.’ Then I said, ‘I hope I’m not being annoying or anything!’ She giggled and said, ‘Oh gosh no, it’s fine.’

So then I asked what her plans for the future are. She looked a little unsure but said, ‘For the next year I want to just start a family, I want to have time to relax and just enjoy life.’ Now I felt like I was interviewing her! Her sandwich was done but I just had to ask one more question. I asked her if that’s alright and she smiled and said go for it. My last question was, ‘When are you going to do a new album with all new material?’ Britney said, ‘Well I would like to just record leisurely and take my time. I want to try producing and find new people to work with.’

With that she said, ‘Well it was nice meeting you,’ and she shot me a big smile. I had to have an autograph so I quickly begged. She borrowed a worker’s pen and quickly scribbled her signature. With that she gave me a smile and said, ‘Bye now. Have a good day!’ And I yelled, ‘Thank you. You seriously like made my life.’ I was surprised Britney took five 3 or so minutes out to talk with me. She is seriously a genuwinely nice person.

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