Britney’s Tour More Entertaining Than ‘Justified And Stripped’

Contributed by Spearsworld:

Speaking as an avid fan of both Britney Spears’ performance prowess and Christina Aguilera’s unparalleled belting, I have to say the Onyx Hotel Tour was more entertaining than the Justified/Stripped tour-hands down. First, for all those trying to compare ticket sales and so forth…the Christina fans need to stand down. When I saw her and Justin last July, it doesn’t matter whether or not the show sold out because more than 70 percent of the audience seemed to be there to see Justin.

The screams were invariably in his favor. Believe me, it was pure pandemonium when that fella hit the stage. The crowd just seemed to be giving Christina the obligatory whoops and applause that you give to any performer you paid to see.

As far as content is concerned, it is impossible to argue against Christina’s raw substance. The girl has a voice…but the way she chooses to use it is quite laughable. No, really. After one over-exaggerated, exhausting run, during her rendition of Etta James’ “At Last” song, me and my friend looked at each other and burst out laughing. The overkill was ridiculous. Even though her vocal intensity never fails to impress, it is often absurdly, almost rudely, out of place. Her dancing was cutely ghetto, but quite lethargic.

Christina’s costumes were awesome, and I was pleasantly surprised to see her come strutting out in a plain t-shirt that read “God Sees No Color” for her last number “Beautiful.” It was a practical, tactful touch to a show brazen with over-the-top-ness.

Come early spring, and it’s time to enter the Onyx Hotel. Wow. That almost explains it. Before I go kissing pop princess butt, I have to say I was somewhat distracted by the often poor sound quality to some of the songs Britney performed. I also was unimpressed by her “Toxic” performance. It was waaaay too tame. At the time it didn’t matter though because you could not even hear your thoughts as the crowd screamed at the top of their lungs for a record 3 minutes-or however long that song is. It is not only clear to me that Britney has more fans than Christina, but more enthusiastic, openly supportive and yes, older fans.

I honestly did not see anyone leave the show I attended, but I was also seated by a bunch of adults, no kids. All the people I saw were firmly rooted in their assigned seats. It was perfectly obvious to me that Britney was indeed singing to her tracks and not completely lip-synching. How critics keep consistently missing the pitch and timing differences, this girl will never know. She’s so bad at lip synching because most of the time she isn’t lip synching.

Her dancing was smooth and effortless, though not as pumping and energetic as previous tours. Even though some momentum has been lost in her new choreographical techniques, I have to say I am happy she’s done with the cheerleader-esque moves. Her costumes were cool, but not that attention-grabbing. Christina topped her there.

People just seemed to generally have more fun at the Onyx concert. The “standing around” that critics keep mentioning has nothing to with boredom, but awe. Personally, I would quit singing and dancing along so I could stand and watch what she was doing. Britney is absolutely captivating. You don’t want to miss anything. The same is just not true for Christina. In fact, at her show I would be relieved when she’d sing a ballad, so I could sit down. At the Onyx concert, the seats were only useful during the opening acts.

I’m going to see them both again because they both blew me away. Even so, if they are ever both performing in my city at the same time Christina is going to think she’s just having a dress rehearsal because the arena will truly be “stripped.” Everyone would rather check in to the Onyx Hotel, believe me or not.

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