Britney’s Wedding Engagement = Payback To Justin

Contributed Anonymously:

Isn’t kind of strange that since the breakup of Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears has been acting a bit strange? Doesn’t it seem like since then she’s been like a little lost child trying so hard to grow up? And trying so hard to enforce her sexuality through Madonna, and through her dancers? And kind of ironic that now she’s engaged to one of them! Is this Britney’s way to get Justin back? Or to get him jealous? I think it is, and read on for the reasons.

1) Because she loved him so much. He was her first love, he was her heart and soul, and she believed that he loved her, but since the split and the Cry Me A River video, it was hard for Britney to say “Bye, Bye, Bye” to Justin, but instead of crying about it, she comes out all of a sudden being less surprising and less shocking with about everything she does being based on asserting sexuality with no point or meaning.

2) Because Cameron Diaz and Justin are the hottest couple of the century, and she’s jealous like a hot tomato sitting next to a bottle of ketchup. I mean c’mon, you have to be such a rock and a blind eye person to not notice how hot they are, they are the sexiest couple alive. And Britney is laying back reading the tabloids about them, probably crying her heart out and saying, “nothing compares to you,” while stuffing herself with ice cream and cookies (I don’t know why people are saying that she’s pregnant as an excuse of her excessive junk food eating). And she’s probably so jealous, thinking, “If only I can kiss Madonna on stage along with Christina Aguilera in front of Justin at the MTV awards to show him how hurt I am…” And yes, that came true! Then after that, she’s thinking, “While I am at it, maybe I should get married for 55 hours just for fun, to prove to Justin that I ain’t no rotten tomato next to a fresh bottle of ketchup.” And guess what folks? Surprise, surprise! She did that, but she won’t stop there, now she’s marrying her dancer who she’s only known for 2 months! See my point. And here’s my last reason.

3) She wants to prove to him, and the rest of the world now, that she’s grown up and that she’s going to do what she wants, all for love, even if it is going to destroy her career or lose her fan base. She wants to prove that she’s “stronger” and “not a girl, not yet a woman”. By marrying this guy, she’s going to get back at Justin, I know, and that’s a fact.

So really, you got to be some squished up tomato next to a bottle of fresh ketchup to realize that everybody likes French fries (in other words, everybody likes relationships) like Britney’s, whose obviously just trying to make another attempt that she’s growing up, but once again, she’s a rotten tomato that’s spoiling in the garbage of unrealistic love.

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