Brits Are Obsessed With Myleene Klass’ Boobs

Former Hear’Say star Myleene Klass says Brits are obsessed with boobs. She tells FHM, “Every second person has them, so what’s the big deal? But I do think real boobs are the way to go. None of this fake nonsense.”

Shaw Describes Attack On Klass

December 19, 2002 – Former Hear’Say star Suzanne Shaw has spoken about the hard times the band went through in a documentary screened on Sky One, including the groping and beating that bandmate Myleene Klass suffered. “Myleene comes in the car and I look at her and she has the saddest face,” Shaw described. “I look down at her hands and they’re scratched and bruised. My first reaction is, ‘That’s because of Hear’Say isn’t it?’ And it was. She got molested, she got beaten up in the street, just because she’s in a pop band. And to sit in the car and hear those stories every day. It hurts.” Read more.

Hear’Say’s Myleene And Suzanne In Violent Argument

August 25, 2002 – The Sun reports Hear’Say singers Myleene Klass and Suzanne Shaw were involved in an alcohol-fueled argument that turned violent when the pair took it to the streets on Friday. An onlooker revealed, “It started off with lots of shouting and abuse hurling, then Myleene lashed out at Suzanne. It was clear she had had a few. She was unsteady on her feet so she missed Suzanne, but then Suzanne retaliated and hit Myleene straight in the cheek. That’s when the boys stepped in.”

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