‘Briwi’ Natasha Bedingfield Checks In From New Zealand

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashabedingfield) on Friday (January 2) after taking part in ‘Dick Clark Rockin’ New Years Eve’. The pop singer tells readers:

I’m in New Zealand now. I’m here for a couple of weeks to do a bit of writing. It is such an inspiring place to write music. I love coming here as often as I can, usually once a year to fuel up on ideas for my next album.

All of my family is here. Although I was born and brought up in the UK (the reason I have a London accent), I have always felt a deep sense of belonging in New Zealand. This is the reason I have ended up calling myself a briwi – a British kiwi.

London was always my home and I love it so much but New Zealand is my country of origin and when I’m here if feels like I get in touch with a deeper part of myself. I like to stick my bare feet in the sand and let the ocean breeze mess up my hair. I love to go fishing with my grandad, to find out secret recipes from my two nana’s, discuss life and spirituality with my other grandad. Just to be still and breath in the spectacular nature moving and alive all around.

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