Brock Storm Promises To Be A Voice For The People

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@brockstorm) on Wednesday (July 2). “Soo.. I am tired of hearing about all of these artists saying that they are too busy to talk/communicate with their fans,” Brock writes. “I totally understand that sometimes things get hectic and there isn’t enough time to reply to everyone…. BUT… I still don’t see that as an excuse to totally forget about the most important people in the world… THE FANS. I want to be the artist who is really good friends with my fans….I seriously want to know each and every one of you. When I do shows, I want to run into people that I feel like I already know. What I’m saying is that I want us to be one big team….haha. I am just a normal guy and I don’t feel like that I am more special than anyone else. One huge reason that I want to make it in this business is to prove that an average kid can do HUGE things… and I hope that I can take one big foot forward for all of us regular teenagers who have a dream.”

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