Brooke Hogan And Aaron Carter A Couple?

Contributed anonymously: reports that a fan tells them that Brooke Hogan was on 93.3 FLZ radio for an interview on Friday (June 4). The DJ asked, “Can you confrim that you and Aaron are dating?” and then she replied, “Yes we are dating.” Then the DJ said, “Last time we talked to you (a week ago) you said you two were just friends? Now you are saying that you’re going out?” Then she said, “That’s because we were just friends but just recently we started going out.” All this was said despite a recent post here on popdirt that said that a rep for said that he was “definitely single”.

Aaron Carter Upset With Lindsay And Tami’s Feuding

June 5, 2004 – Star magazine reports that Aaron Carter is unhappy with the public feud between his ex girlfriend Lindsay Lohan and his rumored current galpal Tami Farrell. “He has no hard feelings against Lindsay, but he thinks they’re young, crazy girls, fighting over teenage stuff,” a source close to Aaron revealed. Besides, Aaron isn’t dating Miss Teen USA 2003 Farrell. “He’s definitely single,” the source added. “He’s concentrating on writing music, doing his acting thing.”

Aaron Carter Target Of Sticker Scorn On Backstreet Bus

June 3, 2004 – According to the latest newsletter, is using the tourbus previously used by the , which features dozens of small stickers located atop cupboards, underneath the table, inside the drawers etc. All the stickers refer to Aaron Carter, saying things like “Aaron Carter has a mangina”, and “Aaron Carter sucks alien co**,” leading many to wonder who made up the stickers, ’s angry bandmates, Nick, or Aaron himself.

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7 thoughts on “Brooke Hogan And Aaron Carter A Couple?

  1. nanda_ho says:

    I knew this anorexic albino is gay. he was just using Hilary and Lindsay for publicity but in reality he’s the reason why her parents got divorced. hello father and son sexcapades

  2. galleta says:

    Why do people dislike the BSB I have never understood that, they really do have nice voices but AARON is not a BSB so whats the big deal.

    Who cares that a 16 or 17 yr old kid is dating, that’s what he is supposed to be doing. And the more he dates the better, why should a kid be monogamus. I hope the kid continues to date around good for him.

  3. bsg1hbk says:

    Yeah since ….every time you insult your brother…or a friend you put their last name as well…if it was real wouldn’t they have just put “AARON” not “AARON CARTER” I mean… I can’t remember the last time I saw someone write something about someone and add their last name

  4. Meggz75 says:

    My question to you nuts who is saying he cheating is this…….. WHO THE HELL IS HE CHEATING ON? The article mentioned he is dating Brooke Hogan, ONE GIRL! As far as the Hilary and Lindsey thing… no one knows what really went on there. He may have led them on to think they are the ONLY ONE but most guys say that crap to get in a chick’s pants lol At any rate, that is over and done with. Aaron is 16, not a thing wrong with dating around. I have dated more than one guy at a time. It is not cheating. It is figuring out what type of person you are compatible with. So leave Aaron alone! *protects Aaron from evil popdirt people and their negativity*

  5. popmaster167 says:

    Is it that time of the month already?! relax girl,bloody hell, people just got their….’, ‘wires crossed because they hear about him dating that miss USA girl (whatever the hell her name is) and then about this Brooke girl. Chill,women,chill,calm down,meditate,masturbate,whatever,just calm the hell down girl!! lol,apart from it being your time of the month whats up with you? how’s your day going? did you get my email? I just did my final exam for my computer technician course,and yes I passed :) yay,at least that’s something achieved this year thank god,lol. I have my Maths GCSE tomorrow,I’m going to flunk that so bad!! god I’m dreading that…. oh well good news is I’m off college next week,yay!! I’m probably going to try and go down the job center and see if I can get a job,see if I can get some extra quids in for the summer. remember,breathe girl :)

  6. Meggz75 says:

    Well, even if he was dating Teen USA, they were just dating… I see no ring on either of their fingers so he is fair game hehe Congrats on the computer test! I am sure you will do fine in math, don’t worry about it. I am just blah really…… and hell if I know why or how to fix it :/ Just another boring week in my boring life…. Good luck! And yes I got your email and I will send your crap soon….btw, what about my shirt you stole? lol

  7. popmaster167 says:

    So I noticed,lol,but still he should be careful with people’s feelings, that’s my point…’, ‘anyway. I’ll try with maths,give it my best shot. But the thing is though I’ve done very little revising because every time I sit down with the book I end up losing concentration,mostly because maths is just so goddamn boring its hard to focus on it. Oh well,I’ll give it my best shot,and if I don’t get it I don’t get it. lol,can I keep your T-Shirt,I wanted something to remember you by!,lol, anyways I got some money coming in cause of that work that I did at a health promotion event thing that I worked on last month so I’ll buy a nice big envelope or something to put your T-Shirts in. Seriously, don’t worry at all too much about my stuff,I just gave you my address for when you can,it,take as long as you need and don’t spend too much money on it (unlike when I was thinking about paying $19 just for airmail stamps,lol!),I’m in no hurry for it to be honest,just send it whenever. Don’t worry,your not alone when it comes to a boring life……,lol,you been going to the gym or anything like that lately? do anything this weekend? I just lazed around,typical weekend for me.

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