Brooke Hogan ‘Birthday Sex’ Remix

is out with a remix to Jeremih’s single ‘Birthday Sex’, featuring Fabolous. The song will be featured on her upcoming mixtape ‘Judgement Day’, available for download at

Hogan writes on her MySpace: “Hey you guys! Ok so like every girl in the world, I LOVE the song ‘Birthday Sex’. I found myself singing it every minute so I took my butt in the studio and did a lil version myself. Lemme know what you think… and haters- eat it up:)”

Listen below.

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One thought on “Brooke Hogan ‘Birthday Sex’ Remix

  1. Psychometricx says:

    “…Don’t need candles and cake, just need your frosting on me…” WTF? I feel sorry for the Hulkster, that must have hurt him more than a missed leg drop after he bounces off the ropes.

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