Brooke Hogan Discusses New Album And ‘Brooke Knows Best’

Brooke Hogan records a message to her MySpace followers wished everyone a Happy Holidays and talked about the new season of ‘Brooke Knows Best’ in a video clip at the pop singer/reality star’s MySpace TV channel. Brooke said she has all her Christmas shopping done, has been in the studio almost every night working on her album, which she says is almost done. Hogan says the new season should be starting in about May, which is the same time as her new album is released.

“We’re getting everything geared up,” she said. “Kind of had a little bit of a lull with the whole family thing and everything. But, since stuff is smoothing out, we can actually start doing music and the show and getting back on track.”

Video from MySpace can be viewed below.

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