Brooke Hogan On Gay Marriage

shared her thoughts on gay marriage on her blog at MySpace on Saturday (April 3). The singer/reality star writes:

Some say it’s against certain religions. Although I am a devout Christian, we also have to remember the bible was passed from person to person and in reality the only law we should be living by is what Jesus would do. Would he picket outside of a courthouse and curse the gays? Would he not hug them and love them for who they are? Would he forgive them if it really WAS wrong? Jesus only dealt from love and compassion and would surely not treat anyone unfairly or unkind. Lets not forget life on this Earth isn’t even the main goal here…we will all be judged by God after this life…so lets leave that up to HIM.

There’s also another issue people are fretting over. They think a gay union isn’t the best environment to raise children in. Ummmm…excuse me but lets start worrying about the couples who abuse each other in front of their kids, mothers and fathers who are alcoholics and druggies and abandon their kids. At LEAST the gays are TRYING for some normalcy. Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you’ll be a bad parent. A person is going to feel what they feel despite what a parent might try to influence them with. I am very different from a lot of things my parents tried to instill in me, but it doesn’t mean I’m a bad person.

The entire commentary at has since been removed.

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