Brooke Hogan Talks About Her New Album ‘The Redemption’

Brooke Hogan in the studio with her father Hulk is out with a trailer for her second album ‘The Redemption’. The reality star explained how the just released disc differs from her debut, the role her family played in the CD especially given her parents’ nasty divorce, how the song ‘Dear Mom’ was inspired by her “very selfish” mother, the guest features on the album, trying to surround herself with good people this time around, her favorite songs on the album, and more.

“I have a track on the album called ‘Dear Mom’, and it was inspired by my mother and our trials and tribulations that we’ve gone through,” Brooke explained. “Those aren’t really resolved yet, and I kind of feel like she’s had a selfish, I don’t know, she’s just been very selfish through the whole situation with the divorce and how she dealt with her kids and the whole family side of things and just kind of up and left. I wrote a song called ‘Dear Mom’ and it really was just heart to heart between me and a piece of paper and it came out in a song. Sometimes I listen to it and think oh god, that’s a little harsh, but it’s how I really feel. I have never been able to be myself and say how I feel and this album is that.”

Watch the video below.

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