Brooke White Covers ‘You’re So Vain’ At NAMM 2009

‘American Idol’ season seven finalist dropped by the Gibson Room at NAMM 2009, doing an impromptu performance of Carly Simon’s 1972 single ‘You’re So Vain’ on a Gibson Hummingbird. Before performing, White talked about getting in trouble with ‘Idol’ producers after using Michael Johns’ Gibson guitar performing ‘You’re So Vain’ on the FOX show, switching guitars after she did a soundcheck.

“Michael Johns has a Gibson, like a vintage Songwriter, and when I was doing ‘You’re So Vain’, I had my guitar,” Brooke explained. “He said, ‘No, you’ve gotta play my guitar’. He’s like ‘it’s the perfect guitar for this song and for you’. Actually there was a big uproar about it because after soundcheck, I switched the guitars. Being an idiot I just didn’t think about it. So I get out there and everyone that was doing lights, everyone was like, ‘That’s not the same guitar you’re playing’. No. I totally got in trouble, not really in trouble, but they’re like you can’t just switch your instruments last minute. I ended up playing a vintage Songwriter, it’s beautiful. That’s what I played ‘You’re So Vain’ on.”

Watch her comments and performance below.

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