Brooke White Not Motivated By Fame, But By The Music

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@brookewhite) on Friday (August 16) while on the American Idols Live 2008 tour. The 25-year-old writes:

I’ve been longing to blog, but I have been lacking internet Access and sufficient time and energy to sit down and dig in… well tonight’s the night, as I just enjoyed a productive and semi relaxing day off here in Lexington, Kentucky. My first time to Kentucky by the way, I did not know what to expect, but it was rather lovely. I wasn’t sure what there was to do around here, so after taking care of business for the first part of the day, Ramiele, Syesha and I decided to make our way to our trusty stand by, the mall. Sounds exciting right… well actually it might not have been exciting but we did have a very interesting cab ride, the driver was quite the character, like straight out of a movie, I wish I could explain but I don’t think I can, LOL:) Any who, we got to see how green this place is, lots of trees and very pleasant weather for a summer day!

So we made our way around the mall at a snail’s pace, as we often get stopped about every two feet and get asked that familiar question… “Are y’all from American Idol?” It’s funny because my appearance is generally not what gives me away, but the not so subtle speaking voice… people ALWAYS say “I recognized your voice”. I guess I’ve never been able to disguise my voice, even when I was a kid I would attempt to trick my friends on the phone and try to pretend to be someone else, and sure enough I would always get “C’mon Brooke, I know it’s you”. Any way today I decided to give my skin a break and go make-up free and opted for the comfortable flat shoes today (it’s my day off) which then usually prompts “you look different” and “you’re much smaller than you look on TV”… and then I say “yep:)” which then is almost always followed by “do you mind if we can take a picture”, then usually causing a domino effect, with one picture turning into multiple pictures with every person in the surrounding area with a camera phone, and this is when I am wishing I had at least put on some lip gloss:) Oh well, by now I have given up on trying to look “all dolled up” every time I am about to venture out into the world, after all I am just a normal gal. What someone sees on TV or on the stage is generally the creation of a talented professional. Truth be told, it is a bizarre life these days, as I am reminded everyday that I walk outside the door, 30 million people really do watch this show! Who knows however, how long this new life will last, as the spot light fades with time. I hope for a sustaining career in music, but I think it’s safe to say after all this, I have found that I’m not motivated by the fame, but by the music itself. Not to say in any way that I don’t find joy in connecting with genuine and sincere fans, I absolutely do!!! Hard to explain…

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