Bryan McFadden Leaving Westlife

The Sun reports Bryan McFadden has left Westlife, but Nicky Byrne, Mark Feehily, Kian Egan, and Shane Filan vowed to carry on. “This is the toughest decision he has ever made,” a friend of McFadden’s revealed. “He sat down with Kerry and talked for hours. He then met with the boys and they hammered out all the details. He has decided he won’t be joining them on their world tour. But he hasn’t ruled out performing with them as a guest for some of the European dates and he will join them on stage for their homecoming gig in Ireland. They are putting on a brave face – but this is the end of Westlife.”

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52 thoughts on “Bryan McFadden Leaving Westlife

  1. angela faith says:

    no!! I really cannot take it any longer… please…. Brian go back to your old group please…. I beg… I really like you’re voice….. many people here in the Philippines like you Brian please……..maybe your group mates will understand you… just go back… please….

  2. AngelenaWesley says:

    Brian!I love you,I love you so much.I’ve loved you since I see you in the first time in your album.since I’ve loved you,I always think you’re pretty and kind.But I can’t think about your family and your love with Delta.I cried so much for you.And I decided to change you.It isn’t seems to be true.But I believe that I can do It.Remember that although everything happen, I still love you.I love you,Brian!

  3. Angelena Wesley says:

    Brian! I hope you read my words. Until now I still love you. You make me feel this life is becoming meaningful. I found out my dream:become a famous singer,like you. I’ll go to see you, I’m sure. My name is Angelena Wesley. Miss you.

  4. marymae says:

    ..hi. Westlife …i really like your songs..

    Please.. come in again in the industry..

  5. Aminat says:

    Is Bryan McFadden is really dead or he leave Westlife band to another band I don’t think is death because I love him so much

  6. Justino ind0nesian says:

    I don’t believe it. Bryan dead and gone. I’m so sad because of this gossip. It’s not true.

  7. Jennifer joie says:

    You know what you are the first guy who caught my heart you already knew that since you are not a famous singer before but time passes by you broke my heart but I already forgive you I’m also happy right now good luck to your career I thought you are dead .. well you always remain in my heart you still be part of my life …. Jennifer is her I know you remember me …

  8. nas says:

    don’t live the Westlife Brian..! Please.. we will miss you..!

  9. David says:

    This is a great group, but if I can’t see their chest I won’t be buying.

  10. Richard says:

    Bryan…Your my IDOL Since I’m a Little Children…
    I hope you can Back yo your Group…

  11. Reynaldo buhian says:

    Richard is right……..Your my IDOL TO………….

  12. max says:

    Bryan you please come back to Westlife

  13. sharine says:

    Brian please come back I like your voices
    no want like your voices Brian please

  14. jellie kate says:

    Brian I love you so much! Please go back to your old group Westlife please!..forgive us please!!we beg you, I like your voice so much you approach me most,i love you Brian!!

  15. sharon rose T.cabulao says:

    I’m so sad Bryan has a dead I’m crying in my home ”You know guys the first guy the first idol of in Weslife is Bryan hes very good singer can I ask you what happened to Bryan why he dead…..:(

  16. kriztal says:

    Westlife are one of those band that even now it is still excellent I really love west life and also I love they all singer each one of them have a great potential.
    and if ever Brian will not go back to his old group it means he is not loyal to his group or he is not contented what he have now…. so please Brian I beg you please go back to your group and stay to the west life group you know you are so very handsome and have a great voice Brian your group will not complete if you are nothing…….
    but I’m still bothering now….is it true that Brian is dead?or not?

  17. jeralyn says:

    Brian I love you so much………….please come back to Westlife I really miss you……….

  18. KIM says:

    Brian please… come back to Westlife….
    You are my idol…!!
    you’re talented and handsome!!!

    “..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..”

  19. mercie says:

    Please Bryan please go back to Westlife. We miss you mob

  20. jellyvel salomsom says:

    Bryan!!!! Why did you left them? we love you so much………………please come back……… Westlife won’t be complete without you……… huhu……….but we will still love Westlife………..and you……….
    here in the Philippines and around the globe……

  21. hirunda says:

    Please Brian come back.we love your voice very much. Unless you Westlife group is incomplete.

  22. rolex daytona says:

    I love you so much! Please go back to your old group Westlife please!..forgive us please!!we beg you, I like your voice so much you approach me most, I love you Brian!!

  23. rolex daytona says:

    Brian I love you so much! Please go back to your old group Westlife please!.

  24. KRistian says:

    hey Brian please go back 2 your group..
    I am Kristian from Basilan
    I love your songs.. please go back.. I’m begging you.. T_T

  25. jayson says:

    Brian I love you

  26. harian says:

    Bryan were are you now? Please go back to Weslife we miss you so much

  27. harian says:

    Bryan I really like your voice and also your songs please

    go back to your group..i love you so much

  28. Tiwo Akinseye says:

    What is the cause of Bryan Mcfadden’s death? Can somebody please tell me…

  29. christel says:

    please go back Bryan…….

  30. nancy says:

    sorry guy but Bryan is know a gay! according to the Westlife life

  31. bhobby from the Philippines says:

    what the say… not listen him around the world its the decision to leave that group lol .. its not enough to make good carrier this life.. so mean need one partner in a lifetime relation.. not the group lol… its fault and enough haha……

  32. Tiana says:

    i have only got six words to say…

  33. Chanda says:

    I can not take another day without listening to your music. come back to the band please

  34. diana jane canata says:

    why did you go? the 5 of you were so dedicated…………

  35. anyss says:

    Brian, please come back…i miss you…..

  36. DATUJUN says:

    I’m your friend Bryan, please stop this victimizing..

  37. shaira algabre says:

    Brian please back to your group, I was worried when you left Westlife, I am your number 1 fan even you left your group , and now Westlife is you know, you make me feel happy when I see videos and hear your voice that’s why I’m your number 1 fan. I hope you come back to your group and you can read my e-mail that’s all and I love you being your fan

  38. xuxa says:

    Stay blessed Westlife. We really like and appreciate your band. were fond of singing your songs in our high school days making us closer to one another..may God Bless you always…

  39. roxan says:

    You are the best band…

  40. bethzaida martinez says:

    Why did you leave the Westlife?….. I’m so sad when I heard the news…that you are leaving the Westlife….:(

  41. honey la victoria says:

    Bryan, please come back on you old group WESTLIFE, i can’t imagine that you’re not longer on Westlife, I miss you… Westlife is not complete without you, because that’s the boy band I grown up… Kian, Nick, Shane, and Mark, I can still see on there faces that they need you and misses you so much… Westlife Fans or follower will be more happier if you go back to Westlife, please please please… And I hope that when I see the new Videos or hear new Westlife songs, you’ll already came back on your group, miss you Bryan. love you <3

  42. lloydthomas says:

    wat made leave the group whilst he is
    the former and found of the boyband

  43. iya says:

    why did you left your band????????????????????
    i want to know your reasons… so that i can to understand you…………..

  44. iya says:

    WESTLIFE is the BEST band

  45. rowelyn says:

    Brian why you left your band?????????
    I miss you so much Brian you know what every day I’m sad because of you Brian please come back on your group i miss you

  46. rowelyn says:

    Brian I’m worried when you left your old group please Brian go back to Westlife because Westlife not complete without you Brian please please
    I’m your no.1 fan in the world please Brian

  47. *Wilard* says:


  48. Sandra says:

    you guys you rock i will love your music 4ever.

  49. jay freey says:

    i wish i could talk to Brian and tell him that we really love him so he could back to the band…still, i’ll be one of the million fanses of westlife…More powers to you guys…

  50. regine says:

    what brian is dead i dont believe that ? i wish brian can go back to the weslife band I LOVE ALL SONG SING :BY BRIAN I LOVE U FOREVER BRIAN I WILL MISS U

  51. david says:

    please come back i dont really like the fact that you are dead

  52. carlos says:

    Bryan i love ur vioce and we miss u

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