Bryan McFadden’s Westlife Exit Regrets

The Daily Star reports that Bryan McFadden is telling pals he wishes he never left Westlife. “[Bryan’s] told several people he’s beginning to wish he’d never left,” a friend of the singer revealed. “He’s a party animal who likes a drink. Being away from the bright lights doesn’t suit his personality and he’s getting itchy feet. He’s admitted to them he wasn’t ready to leave, but there was pressure from Kerry to walk away.”

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10 thoughts on “Bryan McFadden’s Westlife Exit Regrets

  1. angela faith says:

    So? there’s no problem at all…you and Kerry are already divorced,you can ask forgiveness to the group and go back…and experience again the shiny spotlights and the screaming of the people….Please. do it…. go back…please…

  2. Unknown says:

    Brian should not going back to the band.He leave the band just because “some personal issue”.No Second Chance for Brian.Westlife did more well without the “selfish” Brian.

  3. geneva says:

    he quits the band. I there is no place for him on Westlife.
    The band did great even without him……

  4. Prince says:

    I say that he must go back.. why? Because his voice is magnificent… they’ll be in lot of fame if he’ll be back… after all all the fans are hoping for his comeback… and besides everyone deserves to have a 2nd chance… forget about the past and move on, we don’t have to live with what happen to the past…

  5. Westlife fan says:

    I think the Westlife will give chance because Brian is a nice singer as well as performer

  6. cristine says:

    …hope they will give chance to Brian Mcfadden
    because it is really different when you are a complete group,
    Westlife please give a chance…

    i really loved your songs..

  7. edz says:

    ..yeah! Everybody deserves a second chance, hoping that Bryan can go back to the group..i love Westlife!

  8. 14 year old girl who's really inlove with westlife says:

    PLEASE…. bring Bryan back.. if ever you accepted Bryan.. please forget those heart breaks how Bryan left.. just continue those cherished moments before Bryan left.. act as great as a GREAT friends.. PLEASE? :( I can’t barely watch Westlife incomplete… Every people made wrong decision just because we have been blinded by LOVE…. I know that Westlife would forgive him.. why? If God can forgive, how about people? right? I really love Westlife from the beginning I heard them when was child.. I gone rocking like one of them.. now, I’m 14 years old and finding out how they met all and everything! I love them so much even Mark even if he revealed everything about his sexuality.. you know what, I really love Mark for revealing everything. He’s my idol. People like him was waiting for the right time to say that. Please Westlife, I would be the happiest person if you bring Bryan back.. :( and when you slowly been left by years, your songs are as MUCH alive as presents songs. your Song is meaningful.. Westlife’s songs are meaningful.. and UNFORGETTABLE. you know what.. their songs aren’t yet that dead.. it fills each others HEARTS. :) :D I love you Westlife. the Westlife that I know from the start.. the 5 gentle men who can make girls go WILD. :)

  9. Chioma Aunghere says:

    Please to err is human and to forgive is divine ok. Westlife can u find it in ur heart to forgive Bryan ok. Don’t mind what it might cause u guys just go on and accept him back. I love to see u complete. I love u guys ok. I was afraid when a friend told me that one of westlife is dead and I search thru net to found the real truth. My dear westlife unite again

  10. sweetmai~westlife forever :) says:

    I’m head over heals to WESTLIFE… SUPER!!! How I dream to meet you soon guys.. :( make my dream come true please.. :) :) :)


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