Burnham Discuss Their Future And Inspirations

Alex, Andre and Forrest Burnham are interviewed

JustSayingTV’s Ava, Kate and Ally interviewed Alex, Forrest, and Andre of , where the sibling trio talked about what prompted them to start the band, where they’d like to see themselves in the future, and their biggest inspirations in music.

Asked about when they first started the group, Andre said, “We went to this music school and we just started learning the instruments, and then we joined an ensemble and from there, we started playing together as a group.”

Continuing the story, Alex said, “The school closed down. Then we’re like, ‘That sucks.’ After that we just started looking for gigs. Our dad helped us and we just started playing out, and it turned into this.”

As for where they see themselves in the future, Andre said, “Just being able to play music and continue doing what we love. We always do music for fun and to always be able to have that.”

Talking about inspirations in music, Alex said, “I was always inspired by Jimmy Paige from Led Zeppelin.” Andre again said The Beatles, while Forrest said Bono from U2 and Chris Martin from Coldplay. “They both really inspire me to be inspired,” Forrest explained.

Watch the clip, also featuring some highlights from a Z100 show, via YouTube below.

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