Busted ‘A Present For Everyone’ Review

Busted 'A Present For Everyone' album cover

Reviewer: Livi Hay

Busted are back with a catchy, new album! This album sounds much better, it is older and has lots more bass and drums in it! If you liked their first album then you will be impressed as they have outstood themselves with a superb, perfect second album!

With songs like ‘ Hostess’ to ‘Why’, the album branches out into different leagues. This is the perfect Christmas present for everyone! (A Present For Everyone) You will not be disappointed as there is not one bad track on the album! Charlie, James and Matt have still managed to retain their cheeky, teenage songs and have also tried new styles which have proved to be a huge success!

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One thought on “Busted ‘A Present For Everyone’ Review

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    JC and Ice-T, now that’s Gangsta, haha!

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