Busted Idolize Womanizing Justin Timberlake

British boyband trio were full of praise for *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, impressed with his sexual conquests. Asked if Britney was their favorite babe, James said, “Yeah, she’s our favorite.” Charlie explained, “I still love Britney, but I also love Tara Reid. And has pulled them both. He pulled one of my two favorite girls in the whole world and then, just to put the cherry on it, he goes and pulls the other one.” James added, “He’s apparently had Dannii, Kylie, Britney, Tara and Christina. He’s had them all! Every girl that has ever been on a poster on my wall he’s had. I actually idolize him because of it.” Matt concluded, “And his album is wicked.”

Timberlake & Aguilera: Summer’s Hottest Ticket

April 25, 2003 – Pat O’Brien of Access Hollywood caught up with Christina Aguilera and to preview their summer concert tour. The idea for the pair to tour together was from their managers, as Aguilera explained: “Well, it was also that our records were coming out at the same time and whatnot and our singles. Also, the fact that we’re both almost kind of a reinvention of ourselves. Like being a little more mature — me being more grown, having gone through lots of changes. You know, this being my follow-up record to my debut and Justin kind of parting himself from the boys for a minute to do a solo thing. I think it was just kind of fate that we get together and join up to give them a show.” As for what fans can expect, Justin offered, “I think you can expect surprises. I mean, obviously, I don’t think either one of us wanna tell…”

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