Busted Star Moans Over Pink’s Rancid Collaboration

After hearing that has turned to punk rockers Rancid for the production duties, star Charlie Simpson told the Daily Star: “ is working with Rancid on her new album. It’s ridiculous. She’s about as punk as my little finger.”

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3 thoughts on “Busted Star Moans Over Pink’s Rancid Collaboration

  1. ok says:

    I bet Pink could moan a lot more about the crap Busted released and lets face it unless she held a gun to Rancid’s head they worked with her by choice I bet they wouldn’t work with Busted in a million years!

  2. LadyBugg says:

    Yeah, but Pink needs to figure out what type of artist she is. I mean, initially it was r&b and then pop rock – we excused that. Maybe she just needed r&b to break into the business. But now punk?? What the hell?? She’s started to look too much like a media whore. You know? No art just commercial crap. Sad, cause she’s got a great voice and I like her.

  3. weebongo says:

    I don’t mind pink changing her music style drastically. It’s much better for an artist to do that than get stuck like Mariah. She has been singing the same boring ballads for the last ten years.

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