Busted Talks About Britney Spears Obsession

Contributed by britney4ever:

On PopWorld, a British magazine, they interviewed the new British band, Busted. Asked if they would still write songs about other stars such as now that they are popstars themselves, Charlie responded, “Yep. I think we might do a ‘Britney Two’ if I met her, I’d say ‘Please sleep with me.’ She’s probably just slap me, but at least I’d have had her hand on my face.” Bandmate James added, “We had to do a song about Britney, because she is probably one of the fittest girls ever. I think she’s amazing. It’s not like I’m just obsessed with the way she looks; I like her music too. ‘Baby One More Time’ is wicked. Her songs are how pop music should be.”

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