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is auctioning off the hot sports car she drove in her new video ‘Me Against the Music’ at ebay. Not only did she drive this sports car, but she also autographed the hood and steering wheel. All proceeds of this auction will go to The Britney Spears Foundation. Auction starts December 1st, At 5 pm. Ends December 11th.

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10 thoughts on “Buy Britney’s Ride

  1. jimmypee says:

    That’s a joke, considering the car company PAID HER probably ten times the amount this auction will raise, just to have the car appear in her video. once again, her “charity” work is nothing but a means of making more money for herself. sick.

  2. Julie816 says:

    How is Britney raising money for herself? All the money goes to the kids camp. Britney has a foundation, but Christina can’t even get off her cheap ass to create a foundation for her cause. Christina is off eating burgers and dissing artists in magazines instead of giving back to the public. It’s funny that in “It’s good to be” the Britney episode they show that Britney earn millions and give away millions for kids organization and for Cancer research cause. Christina, it’s good to be ; however, they didn’t even show her giving back to community and all she did was buy 10,000 worth of underwear and go to fast food. I guess we know who is shallow after all.

  3. youhavenoidea says:

    I don’t think she got money from the car manufacturer I just think they pay for a percentage of the video because of product placement…everyone’s doing it now even if it does look cheap and tacky.

  4. atomickitten says:

    Though the car manufacturer definitely paid her a large amount for the product placement…I don’t think it was that significant of an amount that would have really made a difference in her pocket. This is another one of Britney’s overt ploys to make her seem like a charitable, good hearted person. She knew from the beginning, before making the video that she would auction it off to make her look good. That’s why she had the car in the video in the first place, not because of the money but because she wanted to come off looking sweet and charitable. I wonder, how does she think she’s changing the world by teaching “underprivileged” kids how to sing and dance? Is that really going to make an impact on the world? If she really cared, she would be like Mandy and join the Red Cross, American Association for Leukemia, and American Association for Breast Cancer. Teaching kids how to learn and dance? Wow…I see a Nobel Peace Prize coming now!

  5. Britney_rocks says:

    you know what look at the bigger picture let me refresh your brain. Britney gave $1 million dollars to the kids of 9/11 . Britney gives money and her time to the breast cancer, and caner awareness her foundation for underprivileged kids. and many more I can’t think of right now

  6. Cicero says:

    First, this sounds like a conspiracy theory. I doubt Britney planned this all out just to make herself look better. After all, she auctions off all of her outfits, too — but you can’t say that she wears something just so that she can look like an angel when she later auctions it off. Second, shame on you for implying that good works that are not earth-shattering are useless. Singing and dancing are very refreshing to kids, and combat depression. This isn’t Nobel Peace Prize material for the world — but it is that important to the kids she’s helping. Anyone can join the Red Cross. So what? ANYONE can. But to set up a foundation and keep it running, and to make a daily impact on children that is a big deal for them — THAT’S commendable.

  7. perfectly-imperfect says:

    It’s pretty sad how close-minded some of you are. Britney does so much charity work, it’s actually a little uncommon for someone of her status. Most celebs are greedy and money hungry, I’m so glad Britney has a good heart. She seems genuinely nice and half of the things she does for charity doesn’t even get recognized, seeing as how the media (just like you guys) love to just focus on the negativity. If you watched her diary, you could see that she was a little upset about all the cameras there, and she made sure the cameras weren’t there when she went to talk to the kids. I know many of you think she’s doing this to make herself seem like a good person, but I honestly don’t think she even thinks like that. She just wants to help people out, and I commend her for it. I doubt she cares how she’s perceived in the public’s eye anyway, seeing as how she gets chastised nonstop by the media.

  8. WaneInTheZone says:

    Has society gone so far to say that someone can’t do something out of the kindness of their heart, Instead theirs some big hidden agenda. Some people have zero appreciation for even humanity.

  9. atomickitten says:

    I would believe she is actually a nice, caring person who is charitable out of the goodness of her heart, if it weren’t for quotes such as: “they tricked me into taking my clothes off. I didn’t want to do it” “I always sing live, but just with a little help” “I’m a virgin” the bitch LIES and you all fall for it HA

  10. myhead says:

    I agree many, many people raise money undercover. Also Christina has raised money but again what did she have to do with this article. You are proving yourself so biased that what comes out of your mouth is not measured with any facts or based in reality

    and you know all of this because of…. I believe a lot of people do charity work for tax write offs and publicity but you know as long as people are helped I’m find with it Now what did you do to help others today? (you don’t have to have millions to help out)

    I am not a Britney fan (only liked 2 songs on her first album) BUT is your life so meaningless that you would spend your precious time trying to find ways to bash another (no matter how unfounded it is) U don’t like her we get it. I don’t think she is talented either but your rant is uncalled for and actually speaks more towards your silliness than any lack of talent on her part

    Again I believe she is silly, fake and immature but even silly fake and immature people can do something good. And say if it was for publicity, people are still being helped. Almost every singer and athlete has a foundation now. Yes, they get a tax write off but it still helps and right now many charities are extremely strapped for cash.

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