Cady Groves Opens Up About Her Troubled Upbringing

checked in with her Twitter followers on Christmas Eve with a lengthy message outlining her troubled upbringing, which saw her being physically and verbally abused by her brother, having another brother who was murdered, getting emotionally and sexually abused by her stepfather, being ignored by her mother, and having no friends. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I had a brother who made my life a living hell. Not even kidding. My whole family was miserable because of him. And it’s worse than any of you can even imagine. I would literally get the sh** kicked out of me for breathing. It was constant verbal mental and physical abuse-as he was a huge 350 lb football player and I am just little me. He shattered his arm to pieces punching my sister in the face one time. Broke a broomstick into 6 pieces over my head when I was a little girl. Had to hide bruises on me when I went to school, just gave kids more ammo to say “yeah there family is crazy. 7 kids and her parents beat her too.” No it was my brother. But it was horrible. My sister and I couldn’t even talk our whole lives. Would come home from school in terror and hide in our rooms just trying not to piss him off. He was put in a boys home for kicking the sh** out of me so bad finally-but not til i was 15. My mom had married another guy by then. He seemed nice and worked at the head of juvenile corrections so I felt that he would keep us safe. I was the last kid left at home and we lived in Kansas at this point. He started out with real potential. I didn’t trust anybody. I was scared to breathe and even exist all the time. I had no friends at school. I was just a sad girl a lot of my life.

The entire message at has since been removed.

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