Calling ‘Gigli’ A Pile Of Manure An Insult To Manure

Richard Roeper of ‘Ebert and Roeper’ was interviewed on CNN earlier today by Kyra Phillips, as the AOL/Time Warner owned network continued an all-day barrage of film critics on to blast the rival Sony Pictures film ‘Gigli’, starring Ben Affleck and fiance Jennifer Lopez. Responding to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution review calling the film a “pile of manure”, Roeper responded, “Well, Kyra, first of all, calling it a pile of manure is an insult to manure everywhere. I don’t know why anybody would say such a thing about manure, that’s such an insult. The worst movie of the century, I guess it depends on what century we’re talking about. This is an unbelievably, amazingly, awful film. from the very first frame to the very end. Jennifer and Ben pay playing the two least believable hitmen in movie history. She’s a lesbian, he’s a meathead. And they capture a guy who’s doing a bad imitation of ‘Rainman’. And they ride around in a convertible with him because that’s a good way to keep hostage out of the public eye, right? And there’s a moment where Jennifer Lopez’s lesbian lover shows up and slits her wrist, and I actually envied that woman at that point.” Read more.

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12 thoughts on “Calling ‘Gigli’ A Pile Of Manure An Insult To Manure

  1. EyezCold says:

    This movie sucks like J-Who and Ben-gay!!!!! Lol this Makes Mariah’s Glitter look so much better. Thank you Jen!

  2. babet says:

    that’s kinda harsh. but….if the movie is that bad then…

  3. Madfan says:

    EXACTLY. Jennifer Lopez is the worst actress…and person EVER!!

  4. Madfan says:

    goodness! that’s the best name ever 4 that wimp! ben-gay!!!

  5. rachel says:

    All these bad reviews only make me want to see this movie even more. All the movies that have made money have been ripped by critics. The only thing they have been right on was Kelly and Justin ( I knew it sucked before they started reviewing it), Freddy Got Fingered (the name said it all) and Crossroads ( Its Britney Spears for Christ sake, actually the acting wasn’t that bad it was just poorly written). Anyway I think that this movie is meant to make you think a bit, I like movies like that. Even though I am not a fan of J-Ho’s ways, I still wanna see it.

  6. rachel says:

    Haha!!!!! Are you a fan of hers, I can never tell. Yeah that comment didn’t make her look too smart.

  7. -SunnyLou- says:

    “Anyway I think that this movie is meant to make you think a bit, I like movies like that.” Well, we know that Britney doesn’t. Lol, Sorry, I had to say that. I was thinking about the time she walked out of a movie because it made her think…

  8. -SunnyLou- says:

    Nah, I’m not really a fan of her or Xtina. I just don’t think Brit’s the disgusting anti-christ people make her out to be. Plus, I think she gets hated on rather unfairly at times, but sometimes she really deserves it. It’s like, if Brit or Christina does something stupid, I will say so. Same goes if they do something cool, you know?

  9. hotstuff says:

    basically if the movie isn’t like ‘Chicago’ or ‘In the Bedroom’ than they will obviously rip into it like a previous user said. I HIGHLY doubt it was that bad, J.lo is an actress and she may not b the best but she’s getting there. how were jen/ben suppose to know that they would become a couple. I’m sure that if they didn’t become one this movie would b decent because lets face it, real-life couples RARELY do heat-up the big screen. People are focusing more on the “Oh this is Jen/Ben’s first movie together as a couple” and its taking the spotlight away from the movie itself. so get rid of all the hype and hating on it and give it half a chance. and I’m sorry but nothing can ever top Glitter and hopefully nothing ever will….

  10. -SunnyLou- says:

    “and I’m sorri but nothing can ever top Glitter and hopefully nothing ever will….” I don’t know about that. From Justin To Kelly sure seems to be giving it a run for it’s money.

  11. SJ says:

    Celebrating ‘Gigli’ release… I’m gonna watch ‘Glitter’ today:)

  12. hotstuff says:

    lol…i know..::shivers:: but I think that ‘Gigli’ is anywhere near that territory.

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