Calvin Harris’ Failure To Open Jam Jars Leads To Jam TV

is out with episode one of Jam TV, which the ‘I Created Disco’ singer promises will be one of many. Harris got the idea after appearing on a ITV online interview. Harris writes on his Twitter (@calvinharris):

The entire interview was based around a feature called ‘can you open my pot of jam’. Now, I’ve opened a few jars of jam before, sometimes with success, sometimes without, I would say I am average at opening jam. On this occasion, I could not open the jam. Usually, most people would end there would they not? Let’s draw a line under my jam failure. But she asked could I have another go? I’m a nice guy so I said, ok, for the purposes of this terrible feature I will have another go. Predictably, the jam remained unopened. Is this the end? Sadly no. ‘Oh go on have another go’. WORST TELEVISION EVER. WHO DO THEY EXPECT TO WATCH THIS JAM-UNOPENING? IS THIS WHAT ITS COME TO? IS THIS MY LIFE? IT’S NOT THE EMBARRASSMENT OF NOT OPENING THE JAM, I HAVE COME TO TERMS WITH MY LACK OF UPPER BODY STRENGTH. IT’S THE OVERWHELMING SADNESS I FEEL THAT SOMEBODY WHO MAKES TV THINKS THIS IS AN ACCEPTABLE AND ENTERTAINING FEATURE. IT’S NOT. IT’S SH**E. AND I WOULD LIKE TO PUBLICLY CALL FOR THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOE THE ‘CAN YOU OPEN MY JAM?’ FEATURE TO PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE. NOT TO ME, BUT TO ANY POTENTIAL VIEWER, FOR POTENTIALLY EXPOSING THEM TO THE WORST SH** IMAGINABLE ON TELEVISION. HEADS SHOULD ROLL. They had two cameras! TWO CAMERAS! FOR JAM! She did a sync handclap. FOR FU**ING JAM.

The jam episode has since been removed.

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