Calvin Harris Introduces The Humanthesizer

Calvin Harris and the attractive women that make up his HumanthesizerCalvin Harris’ Humanthesizer will be used on his upcoming tour in Europe, and the British artist gave people a look at the creation on Vimeo.

“You’re joining me on the set for my first ever human synthesizer, I like to call it the Humanthesizer,” Calvin said at the beginning of the clip. “The human synth was something that flesh and bones were sent to me by a team of buffins, and I took the buffins idea and decided it should be done by attractive women.”

Calvin Harris talks about his HumanthesizerAfter taking a seat, the artist was getting painted on his feet and hands. “Right now my foot is getting pained by some of the special paint that’s going to turn me into a sort of human wire I suppose,” Calvin explained. “A conductor of electricity.”

After introducing his human instruments, Calvin said, “All combined, we should have absolutely 100% spot on accurate rendition of my new single ‘Ready For The Weekend’. Let’s see what happens.”

Watch Calvin and the Humanthesizer girls in bikinis recreating ‘Ready For The Weekend’ below.

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