Calvin Harris: Jakwob “Lifted My Chords” From ‘I’m Not Alone’

Calvin Harris makes an omlette

turned to Twitter after hearing the new Jakwob track ‘Fade’, featuring Maiday, suggesting to the artist lifted the chords from his 2009 single ‘I’m Not Alone’. Among the Tweets:

@CalvinHarris: New Jakwob track come on son what the fu**. Trying to remain philosophical haha

@jakwob: @hervespace @CalvinHarris what’s all this about?!

@CalvinHarris: @jakwob @hervespace you lifted my chords from “I’m Not Alone”, but don’t worry about it, I really like them!! Lovely track too

@hervespace: @jakwob @CalvinHarris “plagiarised” poss too strong a word, just noted the similarities that’s all

Since the tweets on March 22nd, Jakwob hasn’t responded. Check out the two tracks after the cut and listen for the similarities.

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