Cameron And Justin Keep In Constant Phone Contact

Us Weekly reports that while is in Vancouver filming his big screen debut ‘Edison’, his galpal Cameron Diaz has been coping by keeping in constant telephone contact with the singer. “Her cellphone is permanently attached to her hand,” says a source on the Los Angeles set of Diaz’s own film ‘In Her Shoes’. Timberlake made her a CD containing rough cuts of his new songs and a spoken message. “She was beaming,” says a witness, “she said, ‘i’m so lucky. he’s such a sweetie.”

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2 thoughts on “Cameron And Justin Keep In Constant Phone Contact

  1. jodi says:

    I am so sorry left been so sh**ed for u. and Britney a fu**ing bitch for doing you way she did. you to look great together!every time look films I cry. she bitch. I not do that! hope fine true person good u. and you live close me that kool you live and 2 hours me were grow u. cool.i have singer close me.

  2. jodi says:

    it kool lived in mempis tennesse that like 2 hour from I live. so kool! so know like living in small town. want you like better the big town or small town? I like city life. I like small towns.but guess after you gone for away you want go back to it. because it get borning just like the little town huh!

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