Cameron Diaz Moves In With Justin Timberlake

In Touch magazine reports Cameron Diaz has moved in with *NSYNC star at his mansion in Los Angeles. Timberlake’s grandmother Sadie Bomar says, “They are not getting married, but they are getting real close. Cameron is a mature woman who knows her own mind, which is just what Justin needs. She is making Justin really happy.”

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10 thoughts on “Cameron Diaz Moves In With Justin Timberlake

  1. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    Justin is happy I know it but Cameron is using him!! =((( and if you are being used, you don’t realize it. She changed him. Old Justin was the Justin who was smiling brilliantly to the poses now instead of smiling,he gives middle fingers and UNHAPPY!! :((( I want the old Justin back.

    Though I’m happy for them in a way I mean the house and stuff =) but I saw the real happiness in Justin and Britney and now it is OVER

  2. Musiic says:

    What the F**k!!!! No, is he crazy??? Man, someone needs to bring Justin back to reality.

  3. anti_avril says:

    I wish him and Britney would get back together! I hate Cameron Diaz she is such a bitch! One of these days I’m going to go up to her and slap her for being so ugly.

  4. elexis1200 says:

    I know how did he go from the most beautiful person in the world to this skank. Let Britney take you back Justin she’s the one you belong with.

  5. lily22 says:

    Well to quote the tabloid on this one ‘she called him a mama’s boy for not buying a house with her’. now the best way to get back at his mama is to move in with him. she’s trying to take his mother’s place in his life. She will control him one way or the other. so I guess we will have to wait and see this one play itself out.

  6. justincaseyestwo says:

    Like it’s been said “even her friends are waiting for Cameron to get her head out of his ass”. We barely see him smile anymore. He has the same sour “Cameron Diaz” look on his face all the time. It’s like he’s been possessed by some demon alien. He’s just not the same. It’s like Justin Timberlake is disappearing and Britney is the LAST THING he needs once this thing with Cameron is over if he ever takes his blinders off. That would be like going from “worse to worst”. That woman has got him by the balls and is just dragging him around as she pleases.

  7. XtinaFighter says:

    I personally think that Britney and Justin made a cuter couple than Justin and Cameron but hey its his life not mine! if he is happy then yay! He’s happy but I hope that he and Britney give it one more shot!

  8. rachel says:

    You teenies are funny. Ten years from now when Brit is married with Kids and Justin finds his soul mate whether it be a girl or boy ( lol j/k), anyway you will be still saying I wish Justin and Britney give it one more chance. Give it up, its over and they are both better off without the other, that is probably why the call it quits in the first place. It’s over just move on.

  9. jrtxtinafan44 says:

    I’m not liking this.. at all. she’s changing him. Justin usually smiles for the camera.. now he just gives the finger or doesn’t do anything. She’s using him for publicity. She can’t even get a movie deal. Hopefully J will notice it soon.

    As much as I didn’t like him and Britney together… he’s better off with her. at least he was smiling with her

  10. Ghetto_chick03 says:

    You are kidding me right? I love Justin to death, but he is getting in the same predicament that he got in wit Britney. He needs to stop before he get in too deep.

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