Cameron Fed Up With Justin’s ‘Mama’s Boy’ Behavior

Star magazine has learned that, before their Hawaiian getaway, Cameron Diaz dissed her younger boyfriend Justin Timberlake of for being a “Mama’s boy” because Justin wouldn’t buy a Malibu love nest for the couple without his mom Lynne Harless’s approval. “Although Cameron and Lynne get on really well, Cameron felt enough was enough,” a source revealed. “She attacked him for needing his mom’s approval to move in with her. This really upset Justin, and they got into a big shouting match in front of the realtor showing them around the Malibu property.” Cameron was also mortified when Justin’s mom showed up at a New York City club at the end of August. Justin has since promised Cameron he would talk to his mom. “They’ve got things worked out now and things are back on track,” the source added.

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8 thoughts on “Cameron Fed Up With Justin’s ‘Mama’s Boy’ Behavior

  1. popnicklover says:

    Justin needs to get over his mama! Why Cameron is staying with a “mama’s boy” (when she doesn’t even like them) is totally beyond me! If I were her, I’d break up with that mama’s b*tch now! She deserves so much better! Justin needs to get laid by his mama! Seriously though–Justin and his mama are the PERFECT couple.

  2. kaoticgurl says:

    okay, Justin is like what? 21? 22? oh well, like I really care. but, why does he have to ask for his mama’s approval. You would think that he would be able to make decisions on his own. oh, well. its his problem. I don’t like Justin or Cameron, so I guess that’s all I had to say.

  3. Sammi says:

    Wow, I can’t believe that you people actually believe this crap. This is coming from Star magazine people…think of the source. Yeah, real reliable. I don’t believe half of the stuff sent in here. I come here purely for entertainment purposes. You all have entertained me…that’s for sure.

  4. elissawynn2003 says:

    Justin needs to dump Cameron and get back with Britney

  5. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    Hey you stupid dissing idiots SHUT UP!(of course I’m not saying this to the Justin lovers:)) Anyways. He is of course a mamas boy because his parents divorced and now he has only one EXPERIENCED WOMAN in his life. its not Cameron, it’s Lynne. so I find it normal. and Cameron is a jealous idiot. though I dunno y the hell I still like her but she totally wants Justin but it is not easy to take Justin totally Cameron! IT IS NOT! and for those of you who says Justina or Justin or something. we all understood you don’t like him but RESPECT is a diamond in life. respect him….that’s it! if you don’t understand I dunno I mean if you don’t still understand respecting and you don’t do it then you better go to a doctor!

  6. kaoticgurl says:

    what are we supposed to respect about him??? well?? he’s a sucky singer. I have to admit he does a lot of dancing, and some of it is okay. but most of it sucks. and don’t go into that whole VMA thing. no one cares about MTV anymore. so those awards aren’t worth much now are they?? OH, wait. I CAN respect Justin for trying!!! :P haha

  7. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    Well well well… I’m not saying LOVE HIM 100%! NOT THAT. THIS IS THE VITALITY OF THE LIFE. EVEN IF YOU DON’T LOVE SOMEONE OR YOU HATE HIM OR HER YOU GOTTA RESPECT HIM OR HER. IT’S NOT FOR JUSTIN! but you bitches don’t have brains to understand it. So you just live your life by dissing him. and blah blah. I mean you have never thought of the word respect! DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU DO TO ME! I’m gonna save him 100%!! and think about it. respect is universal. its not limited with Justin.

  8. kaoticgurl says:

    kk, first thing, I don’t HATE Justin Timberlake. and I do respect him for trying. I used to be a big fan of his until they came out with celebrity. that CD was a disgrace, (in my opinion). that’s when they started trying to change there looks and music. I all just sucked. I even bought his solo cd, because I wanted to see if he was writing good music. and he wasn’t. I have lost most of my respect for him. he is too self absorbed. and he doesn’t even respect his fans. I met him last year. he was in this local club and he was acting like he was the best thing that had ever walked in the door. he was disrespecting the people and was pushing people around. some people were going to beat the hell out of him, but he left before then. nobody around here likes him anymore. so, don’t talk to me about respect.

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