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For the past 2 years, Shining Star( has tried, unsuccessfully, to try to get Mariah to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Many famous artists have preformed at the Super Bowl including, Whitney Houston, and Faith Hill. Sounds to me like there is a Diva missing. . . ?!?! has never preformed the National Anthem, and what a better year than 2002 to preform such a patriotic song after the Terrorist Attack on the U.S. on September 11, 2001.

This is a Campaign to Get Mariah to Sing the National Anthem at the 2002 Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans! What this campaign will do, is give the ‘Fans’ a chance to E-Mail (, and let them know that we, the Mariah Fans, would like for the readers of our E-Mail’s to notify their officials that we would like to put in a request for the NFL to some-how get Mariah to preform the National Anthem at the the Super Bowl. Along with that, please sign the petition ( so that I can send them the petition to show that the Mariah Fans have a lot of support for Mariah.

Now, this campaign has a good chance of working, but also may have the slight chance of not as in past years. Well, MCSS (Mariah Carey Shining Star) knows that this is not the only site that Mariah Fans visit. What this Campaign needs for it to work is the cooperation of Fellow Mariah Carey sites/cliques/affiliates and so-on. In participation to get Mariah to the Super Bowl, the fans need to encourage and pass the word on about this campaign and this page ( to other Mariah Sites so they can post it on their site so it will be known. We know that only a true Mariah Fan would post this on their site and would want Mariah to preform at the SuperBowl!

If you own a Mariah Carey website, please copy and post the following Banner on your site and link it to:

To view the campaign, please go to:

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