Can Ashlee Simpson Really Sing?

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After the ‘Saturday Night Live’ incident everyone is wondering if can really sing? Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil who knows about music and all the machinery that can make you sound great gave his opinion, what was it? She sucks! If you watched The Ashlee Simpson Show then you probably know. That show was all about her struggles to sing, she was screaming on the microphone like someone was pulling her teeth out, remember the episode her father came in the studio? Well that song didn’t make it on the album.

She is good at screaming, I wonder why after SNL they changed the single to be released which was ‘Autobiography’ for ‘La La’, which is basically a screaming song. Maybe because she would sound better. I have her album. I love her as a songwriter, but who is singing in that album, was Avril Lavigne talking about Ashlee when she said she knows certain singers who have other people sing on their albums because they cannot sing?

Well HERE IS A FACT, in Ashlee’s album ‘Autobiography’ in the credits Ashlee is listed as a background singer with Kara DioGuardi in most of the songs, I think Kara is the girl that was in her show in the episode when she was recording ‘Shadow’ or was it ‘Pieces of Me’. In other songs her producer John Shanks is listed with Ashlee as background singers and one of the songs ‘Giving it All Away’ has no credits for vocals. I can only hear Ashlee’s voice in the record or is she singing on top of someone else’s voice. Ashlee is a background singer in her own solo album? Isn’t she supposed to be the LEAD singer? Hmm…

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11 thoughts on “Can Ashlee Simpson Really Sing?

  1. babyphat67 says:

    I don’t want to sound like I’m sticking up for Ashlee Simpson because I can’t stand her, but a lot of artists provide background vocals on their own albums.

  2. liya492 says:

    she needs more vocals lessons….. because her voice isn’t right yet’, ‘she needs more vocals lessons.her voice isn’t right yet. she will never be a big singer like her sister.well at least compared to J.Lo or Britney she is an ok voice

  3. ssl291 says:

    First anyone posting as anonymous should say who they are. Second every singer provide back up vocals on their own CD’s. Third most people think that because they don’t like someone they automatically can’t sing. Still over 3 millions peoples like her album, I’m not one of them, but I’m not about to call her fan stupid for having different taste than mine. Fourth, the only way Avril Lavigne would know for a fact that someone doesn’t sing on her own album would be that she is that person.

  4. Scorpion says:

    Yes, she can’, ‘Her voice may not sound the most pleasant but she sings Punk Rock, not R&B or Pop. Her voice is a hell of a lot stronger & can belt out songs that Britney Spears can’t even do. All singers lip sync…that doesn’t mean they can’t sing. For someone who can’t sing, her album sure did sell at a rapid pace.

  5. astrange1 says:

    I agree Ashlee Simpson can’t sing but who is Vince Neil to judge vocal ability? Even at his best (and that was a decade and a half ago), he was awful. In the stuff this guy released to the public his voice sounded worse than Ashlee Simpson’s real voice. At least she had the sense to realize she sucked and got some “vocal assistance.” I don’t know what’s worse – a pathetic lip syncing fraud or a drunken but honest no-talent loser. Actually, who cares? With any luck, they’ll both disappear.

  6. otownfreak11 says:

    if you watch the episode where she has to but on the showcase(the one where her guitar player and mom watch her do vocal warm up…shes wearing the black hoodie)..and the vocal coach shows up back stage and she does a little of Pieces of Me to see how her voice is and if she warmed up enough…to me that shows she can sing…listen, there are worst and there are better singers…Ashlee is in between…give her a break.

  7. JLOVER101 says:

    we knew this girl couldn’t sing from jump, but like Britney, Jennifer, Madonna, Janet and others before them we just wanted to like the girl. Unfortunately, all the other chicks have the art of singing with backing tracks down to a science, Ashlee failed in that department. It’s time for her to retire, because she’ll never be able to live this one down. BTW, did anyone notice that Lindsay was trying to sing live at the New Year’s thing last night on MTV. I TiVo’d it and this morning I watched her performance like 3 times and she was trying to sing live. Girl gets props for that.

  8. mysteriouscris says:

    So now people are accusing Ash of pulling a Milli Vinilli? Know your stuff before you post, singers can be listed as background vocals. Look at Christina Aguilera’s album if you have it, she’s listed in background vocals..its called credit!!! of course she’s singing the main part, but she gets credit too for singing background.

  9. SourPatchKid says:

    What, she’s labeled as a “crappy” singer because she provided a background tape for a performance since she was sick … and got caught? If you’ve ever been to a pop or R&B show, you’d know that the artists use background tapes during certain parts of the songs. Ashlee was the first to screw it up, so that automatically means that she can’t sing? Gimme a break. I’ve got seven letters for that: B-R-I-T-N-E-Y

  10. Robin says:

    I think she sings now better than in the Past. Not as good as people like Avril Lavigne or Kelly Clarkson, but better than all those Disney Channel-Stars.

  11. james says:

    I think she is like……TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! WAY BETTER DAN BEYONCE OR PINK!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D

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