Can We Be Any More Judgemental?

Contributed Anonymously:

I have been noticing lately how judgmental we are in the world when it comes to the music business nowadays. We like an artist, and then we all of a sudden become a bit obnoxious when we act as if that artist is the GREATEST out of every artist in the world. And when somebody else thinks the opposite, then WWIII of human behavior begins, and it becomes quite absurd and obnoxious the more I see it! I am not going to write examples of those people who do seem to act as if their icon is the best ever based on whatever they think makes a “great” artist/singer/performer, etc. Majority of us already know the whole deal already.

But anyways, I just find it annoying that some of you can’t just admit that there can be more than one great artist or performer. There doesn’t need to always be comparisons to make that point you know. Like me for instance, I like and Bjork, I can state so many reasons of why I think they’re great artists for MY taste in music (not yours) without saying “Jewel and Bjork are more talented and artistic than _____ will ever be”. When you guys do that, it just shows that you judge the artist more than the music itself. And when you make judgments on the music, you seem to base it on its popularity and its record sales. It’s quite ridiculous really.

I like Bjork, some of you like Britney, some of you like Christina Aguilera, some of you like rap, blues, etc. It’s impossible to persuade people to believe that one artist alone is greater than all of them in the world. And it’s selfish to do so. Your opinion and tastes in music doesn’t speak for everyone, and some of you need to get that through your shallow heads! I don’t need you to tell me that Britney is a singer and performer because of her high record sales and overrated publicity, I will judge her based on whether or not her music is good, and make my own decision. My decision and opinions on Britney, Xtina, whatever, does not speak for yours, so don’t come to other people and act as if your opinion and tastes in music speaks for everyone. Some of you need to seriously learn to accept the fact that music doesn’t always revolve around those artists that are publicized and hyped up 24/7, and that judgment on what is great music, whether its rap, hip hop, pop, etc. is not printed in stone. Can’t some of you just enjoy your fav? Artists and their music without constantly having to be so judgmental about every little thing that another similar artist does? Don’t some of you ever just enjoy the music without having to judge another genre of music to feel proud about the one you like?

I know this speech of mine is not going to change anything; I am just expressing what I think of this, and kind of want to ask WHY some of you need to constantly act as if your opinion about a genre of music or type of artist speaks for everyone else? And WHY can’t you accept the fact that not ONE artist alone is the greatest? Think about it.

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