Canadian Avril Lavigne Unaware Of American Music Awards

‘Access Hollywood’ special correspondent Pauly Shore went exclusively inside some of the American Music Awards after-parties and spotted Avril Lavigne, who sounded unaware of the event that she didn’t attend. “I’m Canadian,” she explained.

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9 thoughts on “Canadian Avril Lavigne Unaware Of American Music Awards

  1. perfectly-imperfect says:

    She’s also a clueless dunce.

  2. shadybaby says:

    In the R&B award category,why did they nominate someone who died two years ago? I don’t wanna be mean to the artist or the fans or anything but why do they give awards to people who are dead? You don’t see biggie or Tupac getting nominations for awards or anything so why did they nominate is artist for a award? Shes dead! You expect her to give a acceptance speech or something? It’s not fair for the other people that were nominated and are still living.

  3. rangergirl says:

    Yeah Right she’s not aware of the American Music Awards. Not that I’m all into the award shows BUT isn’t she into the music industry? Wasn’t this Cannuck the one who screwed up David Bowie’s name when she read (last year) the Grammy nominations? I know she’s young but she needs to take some of her new found money (even if it’s Canadian) and buy a clue!

  4. ash6969 says:

    The AMA’s are a POLL, TAKEN IN AMERICA. They are the most silly awards ever and Avril is not into caring about that sort of thing. She is into the art of music, not the artificial accolades of celebrity. J-Lo is in the tabloids for boinking Ben so people know her name for the poll and she wins. Big deal. And LMAO at Britney fans trying to diss on Avril for not caring if the AMA’s consider people outside America. Remember that Britney thought Canada was OVERSEAS! HA! She’s as dumb as Christina Aguilera is skanky.

  5. tazzsgirl says:

    So what would be a award from Canada the maple syrup trophy?

  6. XxmissyxX says:

    She’s still nominated because people are still listening to her music and are buying her albums…even after she passed on. so technically, its not like the academy chose her. its all based on record sales and stuff. yeah, that’s why she deserved to be nominated…her music still lives on after she’s gone.

  7. music_vibe says:

    Avril is fast becoming a part of VH1’s “where are they now?” episode. shouldn’t be long until that happens.

  8. mattychick says:

    I think that was funny and that she was drunk . Which is funny. and damn Benji was hot damn maybe people should start one with him that she dating him .lol. THAT WAS FUNNY AVRIL #1 fan

  9. myhead says:

    Because she had an album out after her unfortunate death and at least 3 singles In addition, Christopher Wallace had been nominated for an award after his death since

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