Cansei de Ser Sexy Hope UAL Rot In Hell

checked in with fans with a bulletin on MySpace on Sunday (August 5) with an update on their airport nightmare with United Airlines. They write, “Yeah, if the amazing UNITED AIRLINES (ok, you’re probably tired of us complaining about them and so are we, OF COURSE) find our luggage that according to them is still in Chicago. Doin’ what? In the line to watch the recording of the Oprah show? Applying for a job at Pitchfork? Watching the Chicago Bulls? Please, UNITED AIRLINES. They were supposed to deliver our cases here in NYC today at 1pm. Now they’re promising us that the cases will arrive at Newark at 9am. WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU! FU** YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN CORPORATE PIGS HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL!”

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