‘Car Wash’ Vs. ‘My Prerogative’ In The UK

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There are many people saying that car wash was a flop in the UK. However after a year of full in tabloids, marrying, divorcing etc…’My Prerogative’ fell extremely fast in the official UK chart. It is true that it debuted higher than ‘Car Wash’, but ‘Car Wash’ is in the top twenty for seven weeks. Being a simple song not one of the best that made, ‘Car Wash’ shows how powerful Christina is in the UK.

After a year in which Christina has not released anything but in which Britney did all she can to attract public interest, it is a real success for christina that she debuted at top 5 among Usher, Eminem, Destiny’s Child and Britney…this shows that even with a soundtrack for some kids movie, Christina can beat many of other artists in the UK. ‘My Prerogative’ on the other hand, spent only three weeks in the top twenty and fell out of the chart. This basically explains that Britney can not stay in the charts for a long time…remember that ‘Stripped’ debuted at number 2 in the billboard charts however sold much more than in the zone which debuted at number 1 selling 609000 copies in a week. In the ‘Car Wash’ and ‘My Prerogative’ competition, we witness the same incident. However while one of the songs (‘My Prerogative’) is a definite attempt to introduce an album for Britney, the other is only a song for a kids movie and made for Even in this situation Christina is doing better. So who is the leading female in the UK?

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One thought on “‘Car Wash’ Vs. ‘My Prerogative’ In The UK

  1. Kyle says:

    Britney has outsold Christina big time in the UK and world wide, so what are you trying to get at? Lol

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