Career Success For Britney While Christina Is Failing

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Despite some intellectually challenged people proclaiming the decline of career ( all of which are fans of Christina Aguilera- somebody who has yet to experience success at this moment), they seem to find it hard coming to terms with reality. This reality is that while Britney continues to break record, have an album selling over 1 million copies world wide in the first week and win awards, nothing good is coming out of Christina Aguilera’s career.

Well first of all in Japan, Greatest Hits: My Prerogative has sold a staggering 297,386 thousand in two weeks of its release, almost 300k. Yet in Japan, Christina Aguilera’s singles Carwash and Tilt Your Head back couldn’t even crack the top 60. Well that is because ( like the majority of the worlds population) people in Japan prefer to listen to Britney Spears, hence why her album debuted at #1 selling 173 thousand copies in the first week of release and it has taken her two weeks to sell almost 300k copies of her Greatest Hits album ( which she herself isn’t doing any promotion), while it took 2 years for Christina Aguilera to sell 200k copies of Stripped.
According to Britney Spears’ Greatest Hits : My Prerogative has become the fastest selling Greatest Hits album for a female artist ever in the UK, beating legends like and Madonna, selling a fantastic 115k in the first week. Funny really, because I just read an ( rather preposterously written) essay from this web site claiming that this album failed to break any record. Well, I do not expect these changeling Christina Aguilera fans to be able to cope in the real world and to realize that Britney is taking over the UK, even look at the singles sales, in two weeks of release My Prerogative the single has sold 80k, while Carwash is at 40k, My Prerogative debuted at #3 while Carwash debuted at #4 pitifully selling significantly less than with news papers remarking that Britney Spears has won the battle of the Pop Princesses. Christina has never had an album selling over 100k in the first week of release in the UK.
I know it is hard for those who dislike Britney to admit it, but Britney Spears is still the worlds #1 Pop Princess, while Christina is far behind her, Christina is not even eating Britney’s dust anymore, Britney is way out of her league and in a league of her own.
When it looked like Britney’s career was fading she went and proved many wrong.
In France ( one of the worlds Top 10 biggest markets), Greatest Hits: My Prerogative stormed into the album charts and went straight in at #1, selling a remarkable 80k copes in the first week, something Christina has never been able to achieve even at the peak of her career. But of course these poorly educated Christina Aguilera fans are just going to call selling 80k in the first week pathetic, they are to mentally inept to realize that the population size of France is different to the population size of the USA.
In the European music Charts My Prerogative peaked at #2, while Carwash couldn’t even reach the Top 20, pretty horrendous for someone who is supposed to be liked more in Europe out of any female pop star in the world.
In Germany, Greatest Hits: My Prerogative entered the charts in at #3 selling over 50k in the first week. Oh, what a failure ( he says sarcastically).
In Ireland she went in straight at #1. Her world wide sales are already over 1 million:

Total Estimate : 1,067,579 ( est.)

Something Stripped could not achieve, with sales of 500k world wide in the first week.

In Mexico ( like France, one of the worlds biggest markets), Greatest Hits: My Prerogative entered into the charts at #2, selling 43k in the first week.
To rub salt into the wounds of those who never cease to predict the demise of Britney Spears’ career, in the 2004 MTV European Music Awards, Britney Spears beat the likes of Beyonce and Anastasia to be crowned Best Female. This isn’t just any old award decided by a panel of critics, but this is decided by the PUBLIC, this was the European publics opinion, so for those who think that Britney’s work is squalid, the European public would disagree with you there. Even the critics are beginning to realize that Britney is here to stay, From ThisIsLondon:

Britney Spears confounded her critics by carrying away the best female singer award at the ceremony last night.

Music pundits had claimed she had lost her touch since her marriage to Kevin Federline, but the prize proved she is far from a spent force.

The absent star said in a recorded message: ‘I’d like to thank my fans for supporting me. I wish I could be there and I promise that I’m there in spirit.’

Now, on too Christina, who everything she has done so far has been a flop. First the summer tour, REMEMBER THAT? Or are you to busy trying to forget? With dismal ticket sales of 40%? Pathetic. At least Britney can still sell tickets, look at Ireland, the tickets for the 3 dates of the Onyx Hotel Tour sold out in 28 minutes! Christina could never do that ( by the way, Carwash was a disaster in Ireland, because while Britney was at #1, Christina was not even at the top 5 like other big stars like Eminem and Destiny’s Child).
At the Global Chart, Greatest Hits: My Prerogative is at the top 3, in the singles chart Britney is at #5 and has the largest point increase, while Christina is nowhere to be seen in the top 10. Not only was Carwash a world wide extraordinary flop, but her song with Nelly ‘Tilt Your Head Back’ is doing even worse. In the global top 40 chart, it is nowhere to be seen, that is how much of a flop it is. I find it hilarious that when Nelly released two albums, the one without Christina Aguilera is at the top 10 in the Billboard Charts, while the one WITH Christina Aguilera is at #39. Hilarious.
Around the world Christina’s DVD is flopping, it is out of the Chart in the USA, in Europe is it selling poorly, while Greatest Hits: My Prerogative DVD is doing phenomenally. The prices of her Stripped DVD has been reduced, how humiliating since it has not been out for long, while even the In The Zone DVD is still selling at a high price and in England, the Greatest Hits DVD is completely cleared from the shelf, due to Britney’s popularity.
In Canada Greatest Hits: My Prerogative is at #3, and she didn’t even promote this album.
While Britney can still sell, Christina is busy reducing the sales of Skechers, scaring away buyers with her Anna Nicole Smith meets Dee Snider looks. I would hate to think how big of a flop Christina’s new clothing line is going to be, since she can’t even sell her own singles, tickets for her tours, or Skechers products, actually, that is a complete lie, I would LOVE to see this. Oh well, she can’t be Britney, who has the top selling perfume in America, beating big names like Dior and Channel. While Britney is doing amazingly on the charts, Christina is doing horrifically. Face it, Britney’s career is hot, while Christina’s is a cold Turkey.

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