Caresse Henry Quits Managing Madonna

Jeannette Walls of reports that Caresse Henry, who has been Madonna’s manager for 13 years, is quitting. “As I understand it, she’s not thrilled about the direction that Madonna’s interests have been taking her,” a source revealed. “Besides, 13 years is a long time and Madonna’s a demanding boss.” Read more.

Madonna Calls For US Troops to Leave Iraq

November 9, 2004 – Madonna is calling for her home country to withdraw its troops from Iraq during an interview with British radio. “I just don’t want American troops to be in Iraq, period,” she said on BBC Radio. “My feelings are ‘can we just all get out?’.”

Madonna To Pitch Israeli Tourism

November 8, 2004 – A source tells Jeannette Walls of that Madonna is signing up to become a spokeswoman for Israeli tourism. “The message will be that Israel is a safe place to visit,” the source revealed. “She filmed the ads when she was in Israel recently.” Read more.

Revenge Is Sweet For Madonna

November 6, 2004 – The Daily Express reports that after Elton John blasted Madonna for lip-synching in concert, the Material Girl retaliated by sending him a box of chocolates with a sarcastic note. “Obviously, just have too much time on your hands,” Madonna’s message began. “I figure if you eat all of these you can spend the next six months in the gym trying to work them off.”

Duff Sisters Hope To Cover Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’

November 6, 2004 – MTV News reports that Hilary Duff and her sister Haylie Duff have signed on to star in ‘Material Girls’, where they will play sibling heiresses who lose their father’s fortune in the wake of a scandal and are forced to fend for themselves in the real world. The sisters are also negotiating to perform a remake of the Madonna ’84 smash ‘Material Girl’ for the film’s soundtrack. Read more.

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4 thoughts on “Caresse Henry Quits Managing Madonna

  1. Potrzebie says:

    The “negotiations” shouldn’t be too tough, since it’s not Madonna’s song. It was written by Peter Brown and Robert Rans and published by Minong Publishing Company.

  2. trongtn2002 says:

    Why would anyone let them record any song, never mind a cover, again? They absolutely slaughtered “Our Lips Are Sealed” – which bombed. And now they’ve set their eyes on Madonna’s “Material Girl”. Even though I don’t really like Madonna, it’d be a shame to let the Duff sisters mangle another hit.

  3. ssl291 says:

    Haylie actually wrote most of her own song. On her upcoming only one song will not be written by her ( the song called ”screwed” Kara Dioguardi), the rest will be hers. Hilary co-wrote at least 2 songs while have one of the busiest schedule of the entertainment business

  4. zeke says:

    Caresse, you will be sorely missed. We will be forever grateful for everything you’ve done for us at the Latin Pride Foundation, and your support and help with Madonna & the “Ray of Light Foundation” donations. Your bringing us Paulino Rubio, the queen of festival, to the Latin Pride Festival 2003 made that event a great success. Your work and heartfelt support will never be forgotten. May your soul rest in peace.

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