Carey Hart-broken By Tommy And Pink’s Surprise Arrival

Norm Clarke of The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Pink’s ex-boyfriend Carey Hart was caught off guard when the singer showed up at the star-studded Interscope party at the Palms ghostbar with Tommy Lee, who was shirtless. Then at the Las Vegas Country Club, and Tommy showed up and immediately had the place buzzing with their open affection in one of the penthouse rooms.

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6 thoughts on “Carey Hart-broken By Tommy And Pink’s Surprise Arrival

  1. Carrie says:

    This relationship is temporary. Tommy’s heart belongs to Pamela Anderson. Tommy & Kid are in waiting. Once Pamela decides who she truly wants to spend her life with, one of the two will decide his destiny. For now they are both in limbo, so Tommy will play with Pink till then.

  2. vtg says:

    I never hear about them breaking up and therefore was very puzzled about all of her girl-on-girl action as of late and her latest Tommy romp.

  3. BroadmindedMusic says:

    Tommy has found his match w/ Pink. It won’t last long. They both seem like fierce people. They’ll probably argue and ‘feast’ each other out, then have mad make-up sex. After it gets boring, they’ll be done.

  4. Hotstar says:

    I doubt this is a rumor, I bet Pink is dating him. But if she is I have lost a lot of respect for her. She was always talking about being a strong woman, and then she dates a man who beat the mother of his children and cheated on her. Yeah that’s real girl power Pink!

  5. rangergirl says:

    ^Yep. Also Carey should drown his sorrows with a hot model/actress. Screw Pink!

  6. yeahillbethere says:

    Actually.. I’m not sure if they’re dating or not, tho they have hung out a lot lately, but the rumor (up there^) is not true at all. The media make her seem like a heartless slut, which she really isn’t. According to the media, Pink was also dating Lars Frederikson – which wasn’t true. And she never was Christina Aguilera’s bisexual lover lol Neither is she a lesbian, or bisexual, for that matter. And she never said she duped Carey “cause he was too dull”. She would NEVER say that, cause 1) she’s not like that at all. She does have a heart you know 2) she loves Carey – together or not, they both love each other regardless. What is true, is that Pink was hanging out with Tommy after the Billboards, plus a number of other of her close friends. And yes, she did meet Carey there and they talked for a while. And even IF she is dating Tommy, I know she’s able to take care of herself. But I find it a bit weird that if Pink and Tommy are a couple, making out in public all the time as the media says, why haven’t we seen one single picture of them kissing then? …beats me… Don’t believe everything you read in magazines and papers, cause most of it is BS.

    Carey loves Pink to death, and there’s not a person in this world that cares more for Carey than what Pink does.

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