Carmen Rasmusen Backs Paula Abdul

Carmen Rasmusen, who was on the second season of ‘American Idol’ along with Corey Clark, whose allegations of backstage wrongdoing and of an affair with Abdul have rocked the show, tells The New York Daily News she doesn’t believe the chatter. “I just do not see as a person who would try to sabotage ‘American Idol,'” Rasmusen said of talk that Abdul coaches her favorite contestants. “I do not see Paula doing something that stupid that would hurt her image and hurt the show as well.”

Abdul Recorded Giving ‘Idol’ Contestant Special Treatment

May 2, 2005 – More details on ABC News’ upcoming expose on ‘American Idol’ are appearing in the Drudge Report. The report claims ‘Idol’ judge personally “coached” a favorite contestant and then tried to cover up the breach and evidence was caught on an answering machine message. “I am quite surprised and disappointed ABC is devoting an hour of its prime time programming to air tabloid trash,” a Fox executive fumed.

Targeted By ABC Investigation

April 29, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “ABC is going to do an expose where they say ‘American Idol’ is fixed. Ooh. There are rumors that Paula Abdul might have had inappropriate contact with one of the contestants. Lawyers say if these allegations are true people will go to jail. This is great. Is this really the Abdul we need to capture right now? Aren’t there other Abduls out there that are more dangerous than this one?”

Paula Abdul Opens Up To ‘ET’

April 27, 2005 – Paula Abdul spoke with ‘Entertainment Tonight’ about why she disappeared for several years before returning to the scene on ‘American Idol’. Abdul denied substance abuse and an eating disorder, and said she went over a year without an audible voice due to vocal chord injuries.

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3 thoughts on “Carmen Rasmusen Backs Paula Abdul

  1. Stacee says:

    I happen to know for a fact that Paula had a drinking problem less than a year ago, she stayed at the Hotel I work at a couple of months back, and ordered Hella Liquor, she was the only one in her room. (she was so drunk we had to keep checking on her on the down low so she didn’t get pissed at us.) We (me and a bellman) went up to her floor just to confirm that she was in her room okay and from the moment the elevators opened we could hear her Drunkenly berating someone on the phone. (Her words were slurring, she was making all kinds of noise like she was throwing something around.) The conversation went something like this… “I don’t give a damn Mutha F**ker who you think you are, I made you you sorry S.O.B.” (Pause) “Who the Fu** do you think you are? NOBODY! Your a F**kin nobody, you work for me, no one else.” (all words were slurred.) She also Doesn’t believe in tipping, she didn’t tip our Bellman or Shuttle driver once, but she sure ran them ragged.

  2. JnChrisFan1 says:

    Umm….. I could of sworn I seen her on one of those shows that shows celebrities life stories and what not. Maybe it was E True Hollywood Story, I don’t know it was one of those shows, but anyway I know darn well I saw her on there talking about her having a problem such as an eating disorder. Why is she lying though. I really think she is on something now considering her dumb comments she makes I think she is really on something

  3. amberohamber says:

    People annoy me so bad, talking about… what a person “will” and “wouldn’t” do-ESPECIALLY when they are not around these people 24/7/365 to be able to say something so discounting. When: SEX, MONEY or DRUGS is behind something “alleged,” the best thing you can do, if you just DON’T know and aren’t around that person 24/7/365 is to shut your mouth and simply state: “well, I HOPE she wouldn’t have done something so stupid like that.” When sex, drugs or money is behind something-a wise person should never discount what they don’t know even when you think you know the person, because when those three things are behind something “alleged,” you’d be quite surprised at how people will shock you, with something you never thought they’d be capable of.

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