Carson Daly Comments On Britney Spears’ Pregnancy

Carson Daly opened up his ‘Last Call’ show on Thursday to talk about pregnancy. “People, more recently, well today, have been coming up to me, asking me about the big news. And I think — as I was thinking about it earlier — because I played so many of her music videos over at ‘TRL’ — I’m talking about Britney Spears being pregnant — that people think that we are like best friends. We’re not. [Light laughter] But I can say this — I think, and I know, that things are going very, very well for her so far in her pregnancy — her and Kevin Federline are expecting a child. They’re doing everything they can for the unborn baby. Kevin’s been — I’m not so sure what Kevin’s doing. [Laughter] I think he’s been doing some backup dancing. And Britney — I mean, I’m so proud of Britney right now. Ever since she’s been pregnant, she has been drinking and smoking a whole lot less. [Laughter] She’s really starting to cut down, which is great. They’re doing fine. She might even quit before she gives birth.”

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