Carson Daly To Host The First Ever TRL Awards

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MTV will have it’s first ever TRL Awards show on February 17th at 4 PM. Common TRL artists/actors are nominated for weird things they’ve been involved with on the show like news, appearances, performances, etc. For example, Backstreet Boys fan Tiffany is nominated for Carson’s Most Uncomfortable Moment when she threatened to kill Carson. The Backstreet Boys are also nominated for drawing the biggest crowds and for Best Sneak Attack when they did a fake satellite interview. Other nominees include the , Shakira, Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, U2, Good Charlotte, Jennifer Lopez, Vin Diesel, Christina Aguilera, B2K, Eminem, Ashton Kutcher, Eve, the Rock, , Denzel Washington, *NSYNC, Limp Bizkit, Nelly, , Avril Lavigne, and more. All the TRL VJs and some special guests will all be on hand at the show.

Mandy Moore Going ’70s Pop With ‘Coverage’

January 29, 2003 – Liz Smith of the New York Post seems to have a warm spot for Mandy. She says Mandy is working on her third album and recording in a garage with a live band. This effort, titled ‘Coverage,’ will showcase the singer’s version of ’70s pop classics by Todd Rundgren, Cat Stevens, Elton John, Joan Armatrading and others. Mandy thinks her techno/hip-hop generation needs a classic infusion from the past, and is pursuing the project with producer John Fields without the financial backing from her Sony label. With her first two albums going multi-platinum, Mandy is taking a risk, but has the fan base to make it work.

Mandy Moore Spends The Day In San Diego

January 22, 2003 – Apparently Mandy was in San Diego on Tuesday as part of Super Bowl week. She didn’t stay long though, upsetting a fan who wanted to meet her. “I was only there for the day today,” Mandy said. “I’m sorry guys… it was a blast though.”

Mandy Moore: War=NO!

January 19, 2003 – Mandy made her opinion on an impending war between America and Iraq short and to the point on her official forum. Mandy says, “war= NO!”

Mandy Moore Spends Night With Andy Roddick – Will Daddy Be Pleased?

January 19, 2003 – Star magazine reports Mandy ditched her strict parents to spend an evening with boyfriend Andy Roddick at his three-bedroom home in Boca Raton. Mandy’s strict dad even cancelled her credit cards because of her out-of-control spending habits, so there is no telling what his punishment will be this time.

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