Carter Family Unwelcome In Marathon

Residents of Marathon, Florida are telling Globe magazine they want the family of star out of town after their multiple run-ins with the law, the latest being the arrest of Nick’s father Bob. One local says, “Marathon is a beautiful place, but we have one huge eyesore – the Carter family. When some of them aren’t breaking the law or terrorizing the town, they’re usually going around arrogantly reminding people of who they are.” And even the local cops would like the family to up and move. One unnamed police officer says, “There are some officers who would help them to move. They are a perfect example of what happens to a family that can’t handle the spoils of fame and fortune.”

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10 thoughts on “Carter Family Unwelcome In Marathon

  1. XTremeKaos says:

    That is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever read. Nick Carter is far from arrogant, and neither are the rest of them. Sure they have conflicts but every family does and it’s unfair to suggest otherwise. They’ve had 3 conflicts with the law, 3. No more, no less. I’ve heard many encounters with other people from Marathon, happy for what Nick’s racing team has done for the area, as well as his charity that helps clean up the ocean and such nearby. Anyone who knows anything knows Nick (at the very least) is a very humble, down to earth guy. Its sad to say otherwise.

  2. Smile says:

    The Carter Family isn’t even home enough to cause that many problems. All of them work really hard. This article is ridiculous.

  3. elgato says:

    so the Carters are in the wrong when a group of girls picks on BJ and when a cop falsely arrests Nick and when another cop falsely arrests Bob? seems to me like Marathon is just embarrassed because they got caught treating the Carters like crap for no reason.

  4. popnicklover says:

    That is bullsh**. I don’t believe a single bit of it. Isn’t Globe magazine a tabloid, for one thing? And if it IS true, then Marathon must have some VERY snobby people living there and I wouldn’t want to live there either if my neighbors were a bunch of cold-hearted snobs. “They are a perfect example of what happens to a family that can’t handle the spoils of fame and fortune.” How much more wrong could this so-called “police officer” be?! I doubt a police officer could even say such a thing!

  5. SugarCandy says:

    I HATE to admit it but I want you guys to know the REAL truth about what I have heard from people who have lived there and what has been on the news in my local FLORIDA community: I’m a HUGE BSB fan and an Aaron and Leslie Carter fan, but for all those people who think the Globe is lying, you are WRONG. I live in the state of Florida and I attend school with people who commute from or have lived in Marathon and the other Keys. They have personally told me that the Carter family is somewhat of a disruption to their community. I am told that although Aaron does not attend local school, he shows up to football games and social events and causes fights among the local girls, pitting them against one another for his affection (or perhaps they mainly cause the problems over mere stupidity/jealousy). There was also a news (on WSVN Channel 7 in Miami, FL) report on how the Carter family home did not receive permits to uproot endangered/protected plants in their yard and began to dredge and widen the canal behind their home because their boat could not gain access to the ocean because it was too narrow. They built a pool and added things to their home and then tried to obtain permits only after neighbors complained to the authorities. They continually (allegedly) disrupt the lives of the citizens of Marathon. About two Halloween’s ago; BJ was questioned by the police for assaulting a fellow tricker-treater after a verbal disagreement. She has been questioned in Tampa as well due to drug use. While I agree that in a large city this would go unnoticed, I am told that Marathon is a quiet and relatively sleepy place by the citizens themselves and their behavior is impossible to be overlooked due to its ostentatiousness. While I am a big fan of the three singers in the family, I am also a citizen of the state of Florida and feel that the complaints of the residents of Marathon should not be discouraged if they speak the truth. They have the right to peace and order in their community and perhaps the Carters would be better off in a large community such as Miami where that is everyday behavior (believe me!) Plus, they’d be MUCH, MUCH closer to my house! (lol)!

  6. Stallion says:

    By the way I feel bad for the Carter family. If all the stuff I hear about than is true than I feel sorry for them. It must be hard on Aaron and the other young kids

  7. Minxy says:

    I understand what you’re saying there and in part I do agree that the people of Marathon deserve to live in peace but I think it’s a two way thing… they have a right to be upset at the disruption yes but at the end of the day it happens everywhere and if it wasn’t the Carters it would be someone else…they should be thankful they haven’t got gangsters living in the town On the official Marathon website they say they’re proud of the Carters and that the disputes over the permits was a load of fuss over nothing. As for Aaron turning up a football games, don’t all lads do that? And as for the girls, well that’s not Aaron’s fault. reading everything that has been said about the family on here I see it as Jealousy plain and simple.

  8. sa130997 says:

    I agree that the people of Marathon should be able to live in peace. but it’s funny how this story came out AFTER it was said that Jane wanted to sell the Carters house. “Marathon is a quiet and relatively sleepy place” Most (like me) people never even heard of Marathon before the Carters moved there, don’t forget the Charity concerts Aaron did for the day care center there and the number of fans that have traveled to Marathon in hopes of running into the Carters. Girls fighting for Aaron’s affection just shows that the girls are the ones causing problems and that they need to get a grip. I doubt they would move to Miami because most of the places they’ve lived are in small communities.

  9. nicksghettoqueen says:

    I find this all bullsh**..u know damn old well there are a lot of people who start fights in fl. they don’t kick them out now.. but since the Carter family is famous they got to make a big fuc*in de4al bout it there are to many damn haters. I highly doubt that all the fights that Aaron cause are some times because some boys are just hater or jealous because Aaron can get girls and they cant. and if the Carter family starts so much damn trouble then why the hell is it that so many people come to the bout races. and people say oh yea the Carter is is a nice family they don’t say the Carter family starts trouble ..and I bet some one just says a police officers say.or what ever and if anyone got a prob wit ma comment I DON’T CARE!!!!!!!!! well peace out ~~ I love you Nick your album is the ***** don’t let any one tell you wrong..KTNCPA

  10. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    While I don’t think that the Carter family is perfect, I disagree with a lot of this. First of all, Aaron isn’t allowed ANYWHERE without body guards. Including school functions–his bodyguards would not allow that. Second of all, there’s been THREE arrests. One, the BJ/Angel one, was rightful but ya know I’ve never exactly liked them, Nick’s arrest wasn’t even IN Marathon, and the bob arrest has proven to be FALSE. Third of all, it [was, before the divorce], just the twins, the parents and Nick living in Marathon. Thinking logically, Jane’s off with Aaron, Aaron’s off in tours 3/4 of the years. The other 1/4 he’s doing various stuff. Nick’s almost never home, Bob is very conservative and Angel well I’ll keep my comments to myself. And not even a year ago the mayor presented Aaron with a key to the city after naming him a model citizen. Err, excuse me, but two out of the 3 arrests occurred before this event, and the other one, again, has proven to be false.

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