Carter Feud Gets Harder

Responding to Jane Carter’s claim that her ex-husband Robert mistreated her during their marriage, the father of Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and teen pop singer Aaron Carter told the New York Daily News, “The only abuse I gave her is verbal abuse.” He claims that she caused the family even more grief. In response, Jane shot back: “It’s false. He’s trailer trash.” Robert also claims Jane was “coming on to” his cousin … “and he’s gay.” Jane denied the allegations.

The story at has since been removed.

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10 thoughts on “Carter Feud Gets Harder

  1. Hotstar says:


  2. el_gato says:

    it IS pathetic how many people are obsessed with me. and no surprise, they’re all gay *NSYNC fans.

  3. popnicklover says:

    I’ll bet the imposter is Stallwhore, really admitting that HE’S the one who’s gay! *wink* *wink*

  4. el_gato says:

    I’m sure it’s stalliwhore. I just don’t get why all of a sudden, people can sign in as other people.

  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Well, Jane met this “trailer trash” when she was hitch hiking!! She was HITCH HIKING and took a ride from a TOTAL STRANGER…GUY…MAN TRUCK DRIVER!! WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT SAY FOR HER? NOT A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT! Lord I really feel sorry for Nick, BJ, Leslie, Angel, and Aaron…. They’ve got to just be torn up completely! My thoughts and prayers go out to them!

    TWENTY NINE? GOOD GOD…….. SEPTEMBER? ENGAGED ALREADY? LORD…… She’s old enough/young enough to be Nick’s older sister! That is so sick…..twisted……. Anywho…. I wouldn’t admit to verbal abuse, cause that is just as traumatizing and damaging as physical abuse!!! He makes it sound like since he never hit her, it’s ok…. IT’S NOT! UGH…..this whole thing is starting to piss me off!

  6. JessieJess618 says:

    Although I myself live in another state, my grandmother lives in Marathon. She’s told me that the woman is ‘slap-ass nuts’ but…wow. No wonder her daughter’s got a problem with drinking and looks like a crack-whore. She takes after her mother. Well, at least those kids have made enough cash to buy a new mom.

  7. Jaggie says:

    omg, what is wrong with this family?!! it’s just so sad, and they’re making themselves look like the trashiest people in the world! “the only abuse I gave her is verbal abuse”–so I guess that makes it ok, right? puhleease.

  8. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    And what sucks is that the KIDS are trying to stay OUT of all of it publicly…..’, ‘They know it’s none of our business, so they are really trying to keep it on the DL… Nick doesn’t talk about it, Aaron only says what he NEEDS to because it’s all surrounding him and his career…. SO, notice that it’s all Bob and Jane doing the bringing them down.

  9. Aaron_Fan_4_Life says:

    Holy crap! Bob is engaged to a freaking 29 year old!! I mean for Christ sake her and Nick could get married! hmm I wonder what she finds more attractive in Bob: His looks, His Sons, Or His Money!

  10. SelenaY143 says:

    I don’t believe this story. Robert Carter… abusive? His cousin is gay? wtf? This is one twisted Carter story. I use to think Jane was a nice mom but I dunno. I don’t think any of this is true or false but the whole thing about abusive behavior, for BJ Carter, and for Robert, it’s just awful and it’s hard to believe. Because it seems in the first place, this family had a clean slate and maybe it’s the media that’s giving a bad press. I hope Nick and Aaron can clear it up. New York Daily News seems to be making up a soap opera. But now I’ve changed my mind about Jane. I don’t like her anymore after all the stories that have been talked about her. But whatever. I hope the family crisis’ will be solved. This just seems so twisted.

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