‘Casablanca’ Remake Scrapped Over Sizzle-less Ben & Jen

Globe magazine reports that the moneyman behind the $50 million remake of ‘Casablanca’ has pulled the plug on the production after hearing reports that intended stars Ben Affleck and fiance are being seen as duds for onscreen lovers in their first film together, ‘Gigli’. An executive who worked on the failed project said, “Everyone had been telling us that Ben and J.Lo are the next Richard Burton and Liz Taylor or Spencer Tray and Katharine Hepburn. But maybe they need to fight a bit more like those old-time stars to get that magic working onscreen.”

Jennifer Lopez Trades In SARS For West Nile

May 1, 2003 – Rita Zekas of the Toronto Star suggests Jennifer, who reportedly balked at shooting ‘Shall We Dance’ in Toronto because of SARS, seems to have traded a headache for an upset stomach: SARS for West Nile. Zekas says, “Winnipeg in the summer is mosquito country.” A film insider who has worked in Winnipeg joked, “There isn’t a day when a bird doesn’t fall from the sky.”

Jennifer Lopez Upsets Dry Cleaner

May 1, 2003 – The Daily Star reports Jennifer was recently filming ‘An Unfinished Life’ in a small American town where she upset the owner of the local dry cleaner. J.Lo apparently didn’t give him the time of day when he was drafted in to assist on the production. “She didn’t smile at me when I was called in to help the crew,” he whined. “She didn’t say hello or even acknowledge me. That women was too wrapped up in herself.”

SARS A Contributing Factor To Jennifer Lopez Film Move

May 1, 2003 – The New York Post spoke with Miramax vice president Paul Pflug after the studio decided to move the production of Jennifer’s new film ‘Shall We Dance’ from Toronto to Winnipeg over SARS fears, even though the World Health Organization says Toronto is safe again. “We’re not panicking and running for the hills,” Pflug said. “SARS was a contributing factor, but Winnipeg also has a lot of features we need for the movie.”

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