Cash Cash Are “Baking Like Chocolate Chip Cookies” On Warped Tour

Jean Paul Makhlouf of checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace (@cashcash), talking about how things have been going on the Vans Warped Tour. Jean Paul writes:

Yooo whats poppin errrrrrrrryybody! Jean Paul on the mic. So we’re on our 5th day of Warped Tour and I wanted to jump on here and let y’all know how it’s been going!!! First off it’s been insane hot! We’ve been baking like chocolate chip cookies everyday!!! At first the heat and sun kinda drove me crazy cause it’s like being out there all day… but after the first day I learned to put sun tan lotion on and drink plenty of water and bammm I’m back on track!! Now it’s the 4th day and I absolutely love it. It’s such a different type of show like outside blue skies, red hot sun, I’m growing to love it!! There’s just this awesome feel good vibe to playing outside in this beautiful world we live in!! Mother Nature really is amazing!! Alright I’ll cut the hippie sh** but for real… I know if I was home I’d be sitting in my room on my computer and missing out on this awesome summer! So do like we do!!! Get out in the sun whether your coming to Warped or not!! Go outside, blast some Cash Cizzle on your boombox and have a water gun fight or something!! Go to the park enjoy this last month of summer!!! :-) Alright time to go get back out there!!! Later loves mwahhhhhhhh!

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