Cash Cash Debut Album ‘Take It To The Floor’ Out January 20th

Jean Paul Makhlouf of checked in with fans on the group’s blog at MySpace (@cashcash) on Tuesday (December 9) to announce a release date for their debut full-length album ‘Take It To The Floor’, coming out January 20, 2009 via Universal Republic. Jean Paul writes:

So it’s finally finished!!!! I know we’ve been promising this CD for way too long and we always sounded like the boy who cried wolf… But this time it’s for real! We had a bunch of speed bumps along the way with recording it, mixing it, and just finding the time to complete it… We started recording this CD back in January of last year and it’s been a crazy year trying to complete it! We weren’t 100% satisfied with the production and mixes that we were given when we got back from our Valencia tour. So in the little time I had between the Valencia & Metro Station tour, I knew we had to take it back to where it all started… my basement… I basically locked myself in my home studio for 2 weeks so I could tweak production & mix all 12 songs myself… It was super hectic but very rewarding in the end… Now, not only do we have an album that we are extremely proud of, but we have a CD that contains music that we had 100% creative control on.

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