Cash Cash ‘Party In Your Bedroom’ Hits Radio

Cash Cash

singer Jean Paul Makhlouf checked in with fans on the group’s blog at MySpace (@cashcash) on Tuesday (April 14), talking about their first single hitting radio. Jean Paul writes:

Today is a very special date in Cash Cash history. It’s the official date our first single Party In Your Bedroom becomes available for airplay on radio!!! We’re so excited about it! When we first started this band we never could have imagined hearing our song on the radio. When we heard it for the first time on The Mountain in TN we totally freaked out….Not only did I freak out because it’s our song, I just feel so connected with it in so many ways it’s hard to explain. It’s been like our little baby that we have been nourishing for the past year haha. I feel so lucky and privileged to have been able to mix the song myself in my basement studio!!! That’s something I’m so grateful for and it just makes this moment even more meaningful to me. Anyways, I just wanted to thank everyone for the awesome support you’ve given us..

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