Cash Cash Wrap Up Tour With Metro Station

singer Jean Paul Makhlouf checked in with fans on the New Jersey group’s blog at MySpace (@cashcash) on Tuesday (December 2). He writes:

BIG BIG THANKS to everyone who came out and supported us on the Disco Balls & Blow Up Dolls tour!! Sadly, the tour has come to an end and we’re gonna miss everyone so much. Big thanks to for taking us out. We also made some awesome new friends in so be sure to go check them out if you haven’t already! We’re gonna be playin a hometown jersey show with those guys at School of Rock in Dec. so definitely mark your calendars for that. Also, we put a bunch of photos from the tour up in an album on our MySpace so check that shizz out when you get a chance! So we’re currently on our way home from LA playing a few select shows along the way. After that we’re gonna be layin low at home for the holidays, playin shows here and there but we’re gonna be spendin most our time practicing some new songs for the tour which we are super excited for. Anyways, thanks again to everyone who rocked out with us these last couple months, we’re gonna miss you all!!!!!! ;-)

~ jean paul

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