Cash Cash’s Jean Paul Anxious To Get Back On The Road

Jean Paul Makhlouf of checked in with fans on the New Jersey group’s blog at MySpace (@cashcash) on Sunday (December 28). The singer tells readers:

Word up it’s Pizzle checking in,

So Christmas was awesome! It was good to spend some time with the fam over a nice home cooked meal… It seems we never appreciate them that much until we’re out on tour in the middle of nowhere at 2am eating a half cold sandwich from a truck stop.. haha it’s no match for my mother’s stuffed mushrooms! Anyways, we’ve been practicing a lot lately getting ready for tour, working out all the new songs on the record so we can change it up this time around… Don’t want to keep playin the same set every night! But seriously, just practicing again makes me so anxious to get back out on the road playing shows again!!! It’s gonna be a really fun tour and we’re all counting the days till it starts! Aight I’m gonna keep this one short, gotta go finish the Sopranos season 1 DVD. J Santa brought me the complete box set!! Haha I’ve been veggin out every night watching em!

~ jean paul

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