Cassette Kids Finish Up Work On Debut Album

checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@cassettekids) on Wednesday (July 22), talking about the status of their full-length debut album. The Sydney indie pop group write:

So first and foremost we finished up work on the album this Sunday just passed. It was a 3 month project and by 3 month I mean literally in the studio every single day for 3 months, save the couple of nights we were away for Lily, so I think there are definitely some mixed feelings about finishing up, there’s definitely some relief, a dash of excitement but there’s also quite a lot of sadness, we’ve been writing for this album with a one track mind since December last year so it’s a huge deal to close the book on it and break a lifestyle. It was also really sad to say goodbye to our producer/engineer Rich from London, the band found a true friend in him and we cannot wait for him to come back and visit!!

Having said that I think we have written and recorded an album that we are all so proud of and absolutely cannot wait to share with you! Right now we’re just dealing with all the post production intricacies like deciding on playlists and what-not, fun! ha

Release date for the album is still not confirmed, but we will share all of that information as it comes to us. But you should see something in the way of new single within the next 2 months, exciting!!

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